August 2nd, 2014

nyah, Raja

DEW: My demon stuff always seems to be Alastair...

TITLE: Toy Chest
WARNINGS: Very vague mentions of torture?
WORDS: 100

Alastair’s toy chest was only spoken of in hushed tones and never in the presence of the torture master. No one had ever found the courage to peek inside, even when it was Alastair himself opening the lid.

If they had, amongst the keeper of the racks' favored blades and devices, they might be surprised to find a costumed teddy bear (Sweeney Ted), a bag of glass marbles (mostly reds and oranges that glowed like hellfire when the light was just right), and a jigsaw puzzle missing the last piece (always glorious torture). Alastair kept his true treasures safely hidden.
bela, supernatural

DEW: No More Toys

Title: No More Toys
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Words: 100

Crowley ignored the whines and complains of his demons. "All right, all right, turn everything in and get out of the way." They'd started construction two days ago and most of Hell had been boxed away.

"C'mon boss, they're my favourite toys." One of the demons caressed the soul strapped to a rack. "How are we gonna make them pay?" He moped when Crowley released the chains and sent the soul to the end of the line.

"People hate waiting in line." Crowley gathered the torture implements and put them in his pocket, he could use them on the Alphas.