June 8th, 2014

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DEW - Prompt: Dean + Medicine

Title: Bad Medicine
Characters: Sam and Dean
Gen fic, no pairings, light hearted hurt!Dean.


“Hey, where’s Cas? Sam, Cas should be here. Cas is our friend. Can you believe that man, my best friends is freakin’ angel?”

“Yeah he’s a great guy, a real angel,” Sam agreed, but he gestured towards the nurse, reminding his brother they had company.

“Seriously, he can smite people with his hands, you gotta admit he’s a bad ass mother-”


“Sorry mam, excuse my language,” Dean grinned flirtatiously.

“It’s okay, it happens all the time, it’s the medication, the delusions should wear off in a few hours,” the nurse smiled reassuringly at an increasingly stressed looking Sam.


T - JDM Angel

DEW: The best medicine

It's been a long while since I wrote anything for fandom. I hope this fits the prompt. :)

Title: The best medicine
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: John, wee!Dean, wee!Sam
Rating: G
Genre: Gen, pre-series
Word count: 100
Summary: Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine
Written for the spn_bigpretzel drabble every weekend challenge for the prompts Dean and medicine.

John pushed too hard.
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More medicine but this time it's not Dean that's sick...

The Wrong Medicine
Characters: wee!Dean, John, wee!Sam
Inspired by Zelda_Addict’s drabble this week.

“Jesus Christ Dean, what were you thinking? You could have killed him. He’s just a kid,” John Winchester was fuming as he paced back and forth, his size filling the small motel room.

“Sir it’s not what you think.”

“What I think is your little brother was sick and instead of looking after him you got him DRUNK.”

“I didn’t. It wasn’t whisky. I swear. I only gave him cough medicine; I just put it in the empty bottle so he thought it was special. I told him it was special hunter’s medicine.”

“You…” John stopped, calming. “You did good.”

spn, charlie

more drugged up Dean... you should probably read my others first...

Bad Medicine Parts 3-4-5-6
Characters: Dean, Sam, Cas.
Summary: Sam thought seeing his brother off his face on pain meds was going to be fun... he was wrong. Some banter, some bonding, some education of Castiel.

* * * *

“The nurse said it would only be a few hours, it’s been four. Maybe you’re allergic. Maybe you did break something. Cas can you check him out?”

“Sammy you worry too much! Cas tell him he worries too much.”

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