June 1st, 2014

nyah, Raja

Tromping through the wilderness is hazardous...

TITLE: Itchy
CHARACTERS: Sam and Dean
WARNINGS: None, except maybe a little Sam abuse?
WORDS: 100

“Don’t scratch!” Dean scolded, swatting Sam’s hand away without taking his eyes off the road.

“How come you’re not miserable, too?” Sam glared at his brother. “We both walked right through that patch of poison oak.”

Dean shrugged. “Guess I’m immune.”

Sam tried to subtly reach for his leg again, only to have Dean intercept him easily.

“We need to wash those jeans ASAP.”

“Can we salt and burn them instead?” Sam asked crankily.

“Nope! The smoke burns, too.”

Sam shuddered at the thought of this stuff in his eyes.

“We’ll get you some calamine lotion. You’ll be just fine.”

DEW Double Drabble: Like You

SUMMARY: Timestamp to "Who The Hell...." The first uncomfortable meal after Sam goes mad.

Dean poked at his salad, pushing it around his plate.

Sammy looked wrong – with the buzzed hair and leather jacket, all swagger and bluster.

Dean had spent the last two hours trying to show Sammy that he was Sammy and not Dean. Then he'd spent another half hour apologising and agreeing that yes, Sammy was Dean and Dean was Sammy.

Anything to make that terrible pain Sammy was enduring stop.

Going out triggered another small jab of pain when Dean ordered a burger, and he realised just how deep it ran. Anything at all that Dean did as himself was apparently going to trigger the pain. To keep Sammy okay, Dean was going to have to play along.

Even, it seemed, down to the food he ate.

Dean's thoughts were interrupted by a booted jab to the ankle. "Eat your salad, Sammy."

Dean looked at his insane little brother and smiled shakily. He poured Catalina dressing over the green and took a hesitant mouthful.

It seemed to appease Sammy. "Seriously, once your hair grows back out you'll be back to looking like yourself. What were you thinking, buzzing it off?"

Dean swallowed hard. ".....just wanted to look like you."