May 31st, 2014

spn, charlie

DEW IT Sammy!

Prank Wars
4 x 100 word drabbles. Season 8-ish. Bunkerfic. Genfic. No pairings, just brotherly fun.


Sam was the one who had said they had to stop. He knew that with Dean this game always got out of hand, because his big brother couldn’t stand loosing, and to be fair, neither could Sam.

But moving into the bunker meant that life was suddenly… more domestic..... which provided so many sweet opportunities for pranks.

Sam would never forget the look on Dean’s face when he discovered Sam had replaced all of his thick boot socks with pink flora ladies socks. He wouldn’t be able to forget because he’d taken a photo with the old Polaroid camera he’d discovered.

Dean was glad Sam found the camera, because it made it soooo much easier to document his own prank.

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DEW: Reasons


Sam never knew the Leviathan had told his partner that Sam's salad-eating was "like eating self-righteousness." But like everything else, it was twisted by the Leviathan's own viewpoint.

At first, John had insisted Sam eat them to get into lean, fighting shape.

At Stanford, oddly, salads were cheaper than most everything else, and full rides didn't cover everything.

To be honest, some of the time he just ordered them to get teased by Dean, since that was Dean's special brand of "I love you".

But ultimately? Burgers just never tasted good to Sam unless his brother cooked them for him.