May 21st, 2014

Spring Fic Exchange-Changing Channels-Part Deux

changing channels

Recipient: Sylvia_Locust
Author:  Phebemarie
Artist:  The incredibly talented and infinitely patient Gryphon2K
Title:  Changing Channels Part Deux
Summary: The Trickster introduces the Winchesters to a certain Crawley family.  How will our boys affect the goings on both upstairs and downstairs at the famous Downtown Abbey?
Sam, Dean, The Trickster (AKA Gabriel) and much of the cast of Downton Abbey
Rating: PG-13 for a little language
Wordcount: 2,773

Thank you to Sylvia_Locust for the fun prompts.  I’m just sorry it took me so long to finish your gift. A standing ovation to Auntmo9, Mamapranayama, and Gryphon2K for all your help and encouragement. 
“Dean Winchester!  Nutcracker champion!”

The exclamation of the ebullient game show host rang out, and Sam exhaled in a huff of relief.  How they’d manage to survive a second-round of channel surfing courtesy of the Trickster, he couldn’t imagine.  Sam didn’t know everything about his brother, but of one thing he’d been fairly certain:  Dean didn’t speak Japanese.   That Dean had once again pulled victory from the jaws of defeat and literally saved the family jewels in the process was almost too much to take.  “How did you do that?” Sam hissed over the raucous applause, equal parts impressed and envious. 

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Sam OMG - by laugh_cry_live

Cat Got Your Tongue 1/1 [G] Dean/Sam

Title: Cat Got Your Tongue?
Authors: Cas (virtualpersonal) & brimstonegold
Pairing: Sam/Dean (not bros)
Ratings/Warnings: AU, G
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to us, they belong to Kripke

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Summary: This is very quickly written, light, fluffy, one shot time stamp ficlet in our Gift!Verse Christmas story The Best Gift Of All It features Cat!Dean. It was written as an apology to our readers for long delays in an unrelated fic. Note that though this stands alone and is completely fluffy, the prior fics in the series are not and come with warnings.

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