May 20th, 2014

spn, charlie

When "Art" Drabbles turn into two shots...

So over the weekend my first attempt at DEW turned into a two shot.. oopsie.. I meant to share earlier but my internet has been shocking this week, here goes....

Title: The Eye of the Beholder
Characters: Dean, Cas, Sam
Pairings: Warning, may incite angsty destiel feels but there’s a good dose of friendship fic in here.
Rating: PG.
Spoilers: Assume spoilers up to and including 9x21. Also spoilers for the Star Wars films (1-6).
Summary: Post 9x21. Cas has moved into the bunker. Dean is not sure what to make of Cas’ choice of decorations. Two shot. First scene is Dean/Cas friendship/UST, the second is Dean, Cas and Sam schmoopy fluff.
Length: 1495 words