May 19th, 2014

spn, charlie

Not exactly Art....

Prompt: Art
A/N: okay so it’s a pretty liberal interpretation of the prompt but my other attempt ended up being a 1000+ word destiel oneshot about a painting…. So I started over. I may post the oneshot if I finish it and if anyone here reads destiel (it’s g rated and only mildly slashy)

* * * *

“And you think I’m a dork?” Sam scoffed.

“You’re just jealous.”

“Yeah, right.”

“It’s practically art.”

“Putting it in a frame doesn’t make it art.”

“Hush, you wish you were this cool.”

Cough. “Lame.” Cough.

Dean rolled his eyes, “Out! If you can’t appreciate coolness when you see it, you don’t get to see it, out of my room.”

“With pleasure, that thing is freaking me out.”

Dean plopped onto the bed, satisfied, and opened a beer. His bedroom was finally complete. His brand new signed Doctor Sexy cast photo hung right next to his favorite battle-axe.

* * *
spn, charlie

Garthed: DEW: "Alias"

Characters: Dean, Garth, OC
Rating: G

“Hi, I’m Dean, can I buy you a drink?” Dean grinned.

“Sure, you got a last name Dean?”

“Winchester. What about yourself? Pretty girl like you must have a pretty name to go with that face.”

But the woman’s face was no longer inviting. “What is this? Is this some sort of set up.”

“No, wait, calm down, what’s wrong?”

“A guy came in a few weeks back, FBI agent, at least he said he was, but he looked too weedy to be a G-Man. Said his name was Dean Winchester.”

Garth. Dean imagined strangling his scrawny little neck.