May 18th, 2014

adam olla

FIC: Bird Watching

Title: Bird Watching
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, crack
Written for: riverofwind for the spnspringfling exchange
Notes: Set some undetermined moment in an undetermined season before Sam went to Hell
Prompts: Sam/Dean, unconventional were-animals
A/N: I completely forgot to post this to my own journal after reveals (which was WEEKS ago, sorry!!) *ahem* Have some crack!fic!
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( “You’re a-- a penguin?! With teeth? And fangs? And--” )
nyah, Raja

It's still Sunday here!

TITLE: Hidden Depths
CHARACTERS: Garth, Sam, and Dean
WORDS: 100

“Thanks for helping us out, Garth,” Sam said with a smile.

“Yeah, we’d send Sammy in, since he knows artsy crap, but they’ve already seen both of us as FBI agents.”

“Happy to help!” Garth insisted.

“Right. Remember that you’re supposed to be an art teacher. Think you can fake it?” Dean asked skeptically.

“I could give you some terminology to throw around,” Sam offered.

“Don’t worry--I’ve got this!”

A few minutes later, the brothers Winchester slipped unseen past the curator, deep in a color palette conversation with Garth.

“Dude,” Dean mused, “why does everyone know art but me?”

DEW: A New Art

SUMMARY: Garth's life changes.

There was an art to dentistry. It took a special kind of creativity to sculpt beautiful mouths. Garth had once been one of the best at what he did.

But that had been before the supernatural had crashed its way into his life. He was learning a new rhythm, a new dance, a new art to life. He was learning his talent for sheer dumb luck and people underestimating him served him well here.

Garth, it seemed, was destined to be a Hunter. Now, he just had to figure out a way to do it without sacrificing who he was.

DEW: True Artist (PG-13)

SUMMARY: Sometimes Garth loved his job....

"No, Garth," Bobby snarled. "Not me, FBI -- the FBI FBI! How are you still alive?" And he hung up.

Garth shook his head and re-dialed, leaving an anonymous tip to the real FBI about the very human serial killer he'd stumbled across.

Then he readied a chloroform dart and a blowgun.

Said serial killer would be found handcuffed to a bed, naked, with some archaic dental wires holding his mouth open to reveal I KILLED THEM ALL carved into his teeth.

Garth would be a couple of hundred miles away before they found his artwork.

Sometimes, he really loved this job.