May 11th, 2014

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3rd Annual Spring Fic Exchange Update

Hello and Happy Mother's Day to any of our members who are mothers!

Our Spring Fic Exchange is in full swing and if you haven't been checking out the wonderful stories and artwork, please do so. Our members have been working hard and the creativity that this community has is amazing. Please read and comment because you won't be disappointed in the offerings!

I appreciate all the effort put forth by everyone to get their work posted on time. I realize that some of you, for varying reasons, have not been able to do so. Please make sure you touch base with me as to what is going on and when you will be able to post. There are no penalties for posting late. We just want to make sure everyone who signed up gets a fic. I realize things can happen. RL dealt me an unexpected blow or two right before posting and my own story has been delayed because of it. But communicate with me AND your recipient so they know they haven't been forgotten. Also, getting help is not out of the question. If you want a co-author or pinch hitter, that is fine, too. Please just ask and we will look for help if you need it. There is no shame in asking for help.I have worked with a co-author in the past and it can be fun and rewarding. Remember: the goal is for everyone who signed up to get a fic and for all of us to have fun!

Not a Happy Bunny

Recipient:  joajohns17
Author:  the_green_bird
Artist:  amber1960
Title: Not a Happy Bunny
Summary: Seventeen  year old Dean, and thirteen year old Sam are spending a few weeks of their summer vacation on their own at Bobby's house.  Bobby warned them about the hex box in the closet, but Dean just couldn't resist.
Characters/Pairings:  Sam, Dean with minor appearances from John and Bobby
Rating: PG (a little language)
Warnings/Spoilers (if applicable): None that I can think of
Wordcount:  5,874

Thank you to my super talented artist, amber1960!  She perfectly captured what I'd had pictured from just a snippet of the story, and it's amazing!  You can check her art out here.

Thank you also to my super fast beta, heartblowswild!  Her corrections and suggestions made this a better story, and all remaining mistakes are my own.

Read it here.