May 5th, 2014

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Fic Exchange Story for Fannishliss

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Recipient: fannishliss
Author: zelda_addict
Artist: just_ruth (She also did a quick beta read for me because she’s awesome.)
Title: I Didn’t Know I Was Lonely Until I Saw Your Face
Summary: Dean never thought he'd see Lisa Braeden again until he did. He's sure that it can't possibly end well when she seems to be remembering everything, but even Dean Winchester gets lucky sometimes.
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Lisa, Sam, Cas and Ben in passing
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers (if applicable): Spoilers to present, though divergent from canon sometime shortly after “First Born.” There is some swearing, but nothing beyond show level. Also, this is a little angsty at times, but I hope the overall feeling is hopeful.
Wordcount: 5472

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DEW: Benny Week

100 words. Gen. All Benny.
I wasn’t happy with this but I didn’t want to skip a week because I’m stubborn like that, so while it’s still the weekend somewhere in the world….


Every flash of flannel or a dark green jacket in the corner of his eye makes Benny's heart leap. Which is pretty uncomfortable when you’re passing through Texas.

California might be easier, he’s pretty sure that sunglasses and swimwear wouldn’t make him so emotional, but vampires don’t exactly do beaches (saltwater is just a nightmare when you’re, technically, an evil monster) and it would never feel like home. He’d just feel even more lost.

But being lonely makes it harder to stay clean, so Benny searches for family.

Maybe Elizabeth can anchor him to humanity.

Still, he misses his friend.

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