May 4th, 2014


DEW: Ripe

Title: Ripe
Word Count: 100
Summary: Coming back from the dead has a few....side-effects.


Benny watched Dean walk away and stretched once he was out of sight.

Big mistake. Vampyre senses met dirt, sweat and the unmistakeable whang of decay. He gagged and very nearly vomited.

Returning to the land of the living was one thing, but his body and clothing still reeked of the grave.

So, Benny had a few missions. Priority one: find a blood bank or a wild animal. Preferably both.

Then, once his hunger was slaked, a river to wash his body and hair in.

And once that was done, the next priority was finding new clothes or a laundromat!

spn fic: "Earning Her Wings" (Meg/Castiel, R) for verucasalt123

Recipient: verucasalt123
Author: fannishliss
Artist: milly_gal
Title: Earning Her Wings

Summary: After Metatron is defeated, Cas is heading up the restoration of Heaven, when Meg is found there amongst the wandering souls! The Angels are horrified, but Castiel can see the good in Meg. He agrees to send Meg back to Earth to live as a human until the Angels are satisfied, but only if he goes with her.    ( the fic is HERE at my LJ )

Characters/Pairings: Castiel/Meg =  Megstiel
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers (if applicable):  This takes place in one possible ending for s9.  No spoilers intended.  Warning: this story portrays child abduction, but nothing graphic.
Wordcount: 4590

Thanks so much to milly_gal for her wonderful banner and icons!!  :)
And thanks to our lovely auntmo9 for running this fun exchange!