April 29th, 2014

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Help! I need a pinch hitter!

Calling all artists....

Do to technical difficulties with a laptop, I am in need of a pinch hitter for an artist for the Spring Fic Exchange. Is anyone willing to step up to the plate? I can  be flexible with posting dates if I need to be.

Thanks for your offers for help, but an artist has been found!
spn, charlie

Oh Sammy you didn't...

Title: Velociraptors, Candy and Booze
Characters: Sam, Dean,
Rating: Mature Themes (But Not Explicit)
Genre: Humor/Banter/Family/Friendship
Summary: Sam wakes up the morning after a big night out. Inspired by textsfromlastnight.
Spoilers/Setting: Set vaguely Season 8-ish during one of those rare occasions when the boys are in a good place friendship wise. Sibling banter ensues. Assumes knowledge of Castiel, Charlie, Lucifer and Season 2-3.
Warning: Overindulgence in alcohol and resultant puking.
Words: 1203

Read it on AO3.
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