April 26th, 2014

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It's funny the toys kids favor...

TITLE: Cherished Possessions
CHARACTERS: John, Mary, and wee!Dean (Sam mentioned in passing)
SPOILERS: Spoils for things found in John's storage locker.

“Hey there, buddy!” John smiled down at his son. After a long day at the garage, he just wanted to toss around a ball with his boy. “Wanna play catch?” He held out the extra large, soft, stuffed baseball.

“Nope,” Dean declared and toddled over to the play kitchen in the corner.

“Aw,” Mary commented from behind him, “is he making hamburgers and pie again?”

“He never wants to play ball.”

“He’s two, John. Besides, even if he doesn’t like sports, we could always have another one who might.”

This was the true story behind keeping that soccer trophy--forever.
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Spring Fic Exchange: Posting Schedule and Guidelines

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3rd Annual Big Pretzel Spring Fic Exchange Posting Schedule

Based on the feedback received from most of you (for which I’m grateful), this is the posting scheduled developed. I did my best to accommodate everyone's requests.

However, I still need everyone to check-in, both authors and artists to make sure you know that you have seen and acknowledge your posting date(s). In the comments, please acknowledge that you have noted your posting date and if your story and art will be ready to post on that day.  If you have problems with where you are on the schedule, please let me know now!  We will work with you.  On that subject, if you feel you'll be ready to post before your scheduled posting date, let me know that as well - that will help me in shifting the schedule if need be. I am hoping that because we communicated via PM before the scheduled was developed, there will be minimal need to re-arrange the schedule.

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Comm Members: Remember to give both the author and the artist some love for all the hard work they've put in. Comments are love! I'm so excited to see the results :D

DEW - Father and Son

Rating: K
Genre: Fluff/Family/Weechester
Characters: John Winchester and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own them.

John Gets to know someone special.


John Winchester gazed at the newborn bundle in his arms, his first child.  This tiny, fragile life was more terrifying than anything from his commando days.

“We’ll have so much fun kiddo, we’ll go camping and play ball, and one day I’ll teach you to drive my car.”

“Maybe one day, you’ll enlist,” he whispered; “although we’ll keep that just between us, huh? Mary’ll kill me if she thought I was encouraging you to join up.”

Big moss-green eyes, so inquisitive, so much like Mary’s, locked onto him.

“It doesn’t matter,” he added; “whatever you do, you’ll always be my hero.”


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DEW: Cherry Pies and Memories

Title: Cherry Pies and Memories
Characters: Little!Sam (age 9), Little!Dean, John Winchester
2 drabbles for DEW. Prompt: John Winchester.


“Here have these,” Dean instructed, shoving his peas and gravy towards Sam.

“But vegetables are important,” Sam chastised, despite taking them and digging in.

“You sound so much like your mother sometimes,” John remarked before he’d realized the words had slipped out.

“Really? What was she like?” Sam asked, lighting up.

“Shut up,” Dean warned in a low voice, kicking Sam under the table.

John ignored them, standing up abruptly. “Gotta get something. Stay inside,” he mumbled. Dean huffed and glared at Sam. He knew “something” would probably be a lot of whiskey.


Dean kicked Sam awake and dragged him off to school without any breakfast while John slept off the whisky. Sam scowled but plodded along. It wasn’t Dean’s fault. If Dad loved Mum so much, why didn’t he talk about her?

After school John was gone but there was a bag from White Castle and two slices of Cherry Pie waiting for them. Dean felt a flood of understanding, “Hey Dad bought the good stuff,” he grinned, wishing Sammy could understand.

John hated that he couldn’t bring himself to talk about Mary for Sam’s sake, but he could help Dean remember her.