April 20th, 2014

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DEW: We Need to Talk About Kevin (Again)

Setting: Early Season 9 bunkerfic.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Kevin, Cas, gen fic.
Prompt: Dew, Kevin, Animals
4 x 100 word drabbles (or close to it, I went a little over on one and a little under on another, but it's late and I'm on the road again tomorrow so this will have to do, Happy Easter by the way)

* * * *

“Kevin seem a little… off to you?” Dean asked Sam.

“Sure he’s stressed out and a bit…”


Sam shrugged, “But what’s new?”

“It’s not just that… he seems to be… scratching a lot.”


“Like a dog with fleas. And he’s spending a lot of time in his room. I’m not sure the dude’s even showering.”

“Well…” Sam paused. Sure he cared about Kevin, but he didn’t really know him. “You gonna ask him about it?”

“Me? Wouldn’t it be better coming from you.”

“Dude looks up to you,” Sam assured, clapping Dean on the back and leaving abruptly.”

* * *

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Heaven's Blade

Heaven's Blade (Rating PG-13, Dean Winchester)

To all my friends who celebrate it, Happy Easter! I didn't bring you any chocolate bunnies but I do have a treat for you. Hope you like him! :)

Title: Heaven's Blade
Author: Digitalwave
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean Winchester
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Gen spoilers for all aired episodes
Summary: He'd been more once; brother, son, protector, but that was long ago. All that once made him human had been washed away, purified in blood. Now only Heaven's Blade remained and, god help him, he was glad.
Disclaimer: The characters in this artwork remain the property of themselves and their related production companies. None of the pretties belong to me, I'm only borrowing them.

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