April 19th, 2014


Bunny Trouble (SPN, Gen)


I'm hopeless at writing to a prompt, so I didn't make DEW (again) this weekend, but I did want to give a little something for a happy holiday weekend. So have a little Sam and Dean drabble.

Title: Bunny Trouble (SPN, Gen)
Rating: Gen
Description: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester. Dean freakin' hates witches. Just a little easter bunny fluff for my readers.
Length: Drabble (100 words)
Warnings: crack, big bunny fluff, a teeny tiny bit of suggestive language.
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks, the only bunny that belongs to me is the plot bunny.

{LJ} {AO3}
nyah, Raja

One more, unless inspiration strikes. (What do you want from me--I'm a cat person!)

TITLE: Take You Eyes Off Him For a Minute...
CHARACTERS: Kevin, Sam, referenced Dean
WARNINGS: Indecent public behavior?
SPOILERS: Spoils for "Dog Dean Afternoon" a bit, but nothing else in detail.

Kevin looked over at the officer scowling at him and punched Sam’s cell number into the pay phone. “Please pick up, please pick up...”


“Hey, Sam! So, Dean and I are at the police station in Lebanon-”


“It’s a long story.”

Sam sighed over the line. “What’s he charged with?”

“Public intoxication, urinating in public, and assaulting an officer.”

“I’m on my way.”

Who knew Dean would decide to pee on a hydrant and then bite the hand of the officer who confronted him about it? At least they bought the story that he was drunk, not insane.
bela, supernatural

Houseboat Issues

Houseboat Issues


Kevin jerked his head up, a piece of paper sticking to his cheek.  There was a seagull just inches away from his face, staring at him curiously. He backed away slowly, his back protesting an upright posture after so many hours bent over.

"Squawk!" The seagull hopped closer, lowered its head and dropped a tiny fish down onto his papers, a small puddle forming around it.

The thought of losing notes to water damage fully woke him. "Get lost!" Kevin shouted, waving his arms.

The bird took off and Kevin glanced at the fish, oddly impressed by the gift.