April 12th, 2014

nyah, Raja

A little Impala POV

TITLE: Well Loved
CHARACTERS: Baby (and her family)

Her first owner rarely brought food inside her.

John Winchester was meticulous about it, too, until he and Mary had Dean. Spilled milk and juice and bits of dry cereal were the first things to mar her upholstery with sticky spots and strange, lingering smells.

As Dean, and then Sam, grew older, they spilled their food less often, though it was known to happen.

She didn’t mind, knowing how very much they loved her. What were a few morsels of food left to disintegrate under the floor mats when she knew she made her boys feel like they were home?

DEW: Not a Grape ( M'preg Sam/Dean) Rated G

Title: Not a Grape
Verse: Better Than a Bunny
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Dean, His three year old son(with Sam) A.J.
Words: 100
Rating: G
Summary: A.J. surprises Dean with a sandwich.
Warnings: M'preg m'preg Sam past and current.
Disclaimer: I make no claims of ownership or profits.
Written for: The D.E.W. at spn_bigpretzel and to fill the tomatoes square on my [community profile] allbingo Card
nyah, Raja

I'm pretty sure this is the first thing I'd ask about!

TITLE: Curiosity Satisfied
CHARACTERS: Baby, Dean, and Sam

The sturdily built, dark-haired, middle-aged woman took a large bite of her burger and made a very happy noise.

Dean smiled indulgently. “Awesome, right?” She nodded.

The off-target transformation hex had made the Impala human for twenty-four hours. Sam wondered if cars and their owners became more alike over time when Baby’s first words had been to ask to try food.

“Just wait until you try pie!” Dean told her with a wink.

“And coffee, please,” Baby added in the low, rumbling purr of her human voice.

Sam just rolled his eyes and signaled the waitress.
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DEW: Hot Cars and Pretty Girls, 8 100 Word Supernatural Drabbles

Characters: Sam and Dean
Setting: Post 9x17
Word Count: 8 x 100 words
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Impala, food.
Summary: This started off as a silly one-shot drabble but each drabble led to another and the 8 of them ended up telling a story of their own, though most could stand alone.


“Oh baby, you look so good,” Dean crooned as he spread the wax across her sleek black paintwork. “I bet that feels better doesn’t it? Poor girl. Daddy’s neglected you lately haven’t I?”

Sam cleared his throat pointedly. “We’re going out.”

Dean startled but was more annoyed than embarrassed, “What?”

“You need to get out. To a bar. Tonight. I can’t believe I’m the one saying this but come on Dean, how long’s it been?”


“Since, you, y’know…,” Sam gestured vaguely and Dean finally understood.

Dean wanted to explain why it wasn’t a good idea, but Sam wasn’t wrong…


Collapse )
Chanel Number 5

DEW - Baby's Diary, Part Two

Rating: G
Word Count: 100

As soon as Sal Moriarty, Baby’s first owner, got behind the wheel, she knew she was in trouble. Dean and Sam dropped food crumbs and the occasional beer can. But Dean loved her, keeping her interior spotless. Sal was an alcoholic who left fast food wax paper, dirty clothes, and liquor bottles everywhere. Baby was afraid he would drive her into another car since he was drunk. There was the clinking of gin bottles when she drove over rough roads. And that Bible stuff...hypocrite. When Sal died, she was relieved when the receivers towed her to the used car lot.

A/N - in the 1960s, fast food was often served wrapped in wax paper