April 6th, 2014

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Spring Fic Exchange: Second Claim for Artists

and if you haven't made a first claim, PLEASE, PLEASE do so now. It's not too late :D

We have 22 stories and only 9 of them have been claimed by an artist:

septembers_coda writing for phebemarie with art from amberdreams
blackrabbit42 writing for dizzojay with art from tattooeddevil
dizzojay writing for candygramme with art from siennavie
brightly_lit writing for mamapranayama with art from mamapranayama
zelda_addict writing for fannishliss with art from just_ruth
auntmo9 writing for boysinperil with art from dizzojay
candygramme writing for septembers_coda with art from etoile_etiolee
evelyncarver writing for the_green_bird with art from soserendipity
yanyann writing for jennytork with art from candygramme

ETA: All authors have been claimed by an artist! Thank you!
Here are the 13 stories that still need an artist to claim them (authors, if you want to send me more to flesh this out and sell it more, please do so. I'll edit this post and update it)
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nyah, Raja

Cas is a fan of the Scientific Method

TITLE: The Hypothesis Withstands Testing
CHARACTERS: Castiel and Dean
WARNINGS: One very mild swear.
SPOILERS: Um, to present for situations, but very vague?

Dean expected a little oddness when Cas decided to stay with them a few days to avoid other angels. Vegetables on the shopping list in Cas’ handwriting even though he didn’t eat? Okay. The bag of frozen peas opened but apparently still full? Whatever. Sam actually eating the Brussels sprouts? Gross, but reasonable. Finding a potato under his mattress? This crossed a line.

“Cas!” When the angel arrived he asked, “What the Hell, dude?”

“Ah. Potatoes are the sensory threshold,” he answered cryptically.


“The prior samples went undetected.”

Dean remembered the peas. “I’m not a princess!” he fumed.


FIC: Undercover Sex Workers

Title: Undercover Sex Workers
Author: deceptivemirror
Rating: mild R (for language, description of body parts and sexual acts)
Genre: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, and several (handsy) OCs

Summary: Dean had always wanted to go undercover in a sex shop. He just didn't realize it would actually take skill.

Author's Note: this is the third story in the Anti-Trope verse, which was preceded by Alternate Lubrication and Healing Cock of Love. They are unrelated explorations of the tropes seen in stories, as commonly discussed between me and some of my friends, most notably keep_waking_up. What sparked this story is the assumption that the boys would be awesome at sex work, despite never having (canonically) done it.

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