April 5th, 2014

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Spring Fic Exchange: Reminder Post

Hello Authors!

Some of you have not posted your summaries and snippets yet in order to tempt an artist.

Some of you have posted a brief summary or the original prompt and said you would post the summary and/or snippet later.

The best way to tempt an artist to your story is to have the summary and a snippet so they can be enticed by your awesome creativity!

GO HERE to post that summary and snippet.

If you want to pimp the Spring Fic Exchange, then you can go to our original post for the advertisement code, that will take them to post with all the information for the fic exchange. That post has been updated with links to Artist Second Round Claim Post so they can see how you have tried to tempt them.

So go, post your summaries and snippets if you haven't done so.

Then go pimp out this fic exchange to artists. We have 22 authors participating this year and so far only 5 artists have claimed a story.We need your help in recruiting artists for your stories!
nyah, Raja

Because I can picture him telling stories this way...

TITLE: How Not to Talk to Children
CHARACTERS: Castiel, brief Dean, OFC
SPOILERS: Not really.

“What is the emergency?” Castiel asked as Dean invited him into the motel room. The hunter pointed at a young female seated at the foot of one of the beds.

“Her folks are on the way to pick her up, but Sam’s stuck at the police station trying to convince them we’re not kidnappers, and I need to go back him up. Can you watch her?”


“Thanks, man!” Then he was gone.

“Tell me a story?” she asked. “No ghosts,” she added.

“Are you familiar with the story of the trespassing blonde child and the ursine family?”

“You’re weird.”
nyah, Raja

More fairy tale butchery...

TITLE: More Story Time with Cas
SPOILERS: Not really.
A/N: This follows immediately after "How Not to Talk to Children."

“Do you know ‘Little Red Riding Hood?’” the girl asked hopefully.

“Yes. An allegory intended, I believe, to instill mistrust of unfamiliar adults.”

“Are you going to tell it all in big words like the last one?”

“My apologies,” Castiel said with a sigh. “I don’t notice the difference.”

“It’s okay.” The little girl patted his leg. “Little Red Riding Hood was kind of stupid, anyway. Couldn’t she tell it wasn’t her grandma?”

“Perhaps she needed corrective lenses? My primary issue with this tale is the ability of the wolf to speak. Surely this was atypical behavior?”

The girl shrugged.
nyah, Raja

Okay, but this is the last one! (Probably...)

TITLE: Fairy Tales According to Cas
CHARACTERS: Castiel (abstractly)
WARNINGS: Slightly morbid on occasion?
SPOILERS: Not really.
A/N: A Table of Contents for cuddyclothes

The Trespassing Blonde Child and the Ursine Family
The Comatose Young Woman of Above Average Attractiveness
The Kleptomaniac and the Unusually Tall Phaseolus Vulgaris
The Trio of Petite Suidae (Only One of Which Had Any Architectural Skill, Apparently)
The Royal Heir and the Lower Class Citizen of Identical Visage
The Murderous Germanic Siblings and the Woodland House Unrealistically Constructed of Various Desserts
The Very Pale Woman and the Septet of Vertically Challenged Miners
The Female Royal Who Was a Ludicrously Light Sleeper and the Pisum Sativum Seed
The Young Chronic Liar Who Was Eventually Devoured Alive and No One Cared
emotional, loved

DEW: Morality Plays

TITLE: Morality Plays
CHARACTERS: Sam, Dean, Castiel mentioned
RATING: PG (for Dean's mouth)
SPOILERS: They're in the Bunker.

Sam snorted as he entered the library. "Well, it's finally happened. You've lost your mind and become me."

"Shut up," Dean growled, turning the pages. "Blame Cas, he drove me to this."

"What did Cas do that's got you buried in the dictionary?"

"Said he found a whole channel of morality plays. So I'm lookin' up morality plays."

Sam nodded. "Tableaus that teach moral lessons through story. What kind of channel has those?"

"He said it was channel 124. I don't go up that high, I have no idea what that is."

Sam blinked. "........that's CMT."

"Son of a bitch...."