March 26th, 2014

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Spring Fic Exchange- Reminder Post

Awesome banner by mamapranayama

Just dropping a reminder about artist claiming coming up on April 1st.   There will be a separate post for that, so keep a look out.  We will be asking each author to post a brief summary of the story they plan to submit along with a few teaser lines (if available).    Artists will then be able to choose the one that gives them the most inspiration.   Keep in mind, the finish line is May 2nd!

So how is it going so far? Are ideas flowing? Have you had the time to write? Writer's block already? RL keeping you from the fic?
If you need some help, encouragement or good ole' fashioned cheer leading, let us know!

It's time to DEW it!

It's ....
Drabbles Every Weekend
otherwise known as


We enjoyed lots of fun and shenanigans with everybody's favourite prankster last week; The Trickster, Gabriel, Loki ... whatever you call him, he's a total pain in the neck!  We were also treated to a whole lot of adventures on the high seas with a theme of 'The Sea' to challenge our drabblers too.

So we're all excited to see what our intrepid Spn-BigPretzel drabblers can come up with this week, and therefore, I'm thrilled to unveil this week's challenge:

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