March 23rd, 2014


DEW - by the Sea

Streaks of pale light tinged the curdled cloudbank with gold. The waves lapped blue, grey and green along the rocky coastline.

The old timbers were wet and weatherworn; it was hard to tell if they were making the subtle, unsettling creaking or if it was the rigging. Tattered rags of black sails fluttered in the breeze, as seagulls circled and screamed like lost souls. The breeze circled the mast sending the limp flag rippling. The symbol was barely visible, but it seemed to show half a skull on the dark folds.

“Great,” grumbled Dean Winchester, “so much for our vacation!”
spn, charlie

DEW: Pick-Up Lines

Title: Pick-up Lines
Characters: Gabriel, Kali
Summary: First Meeting
Rating: PG


“Something tells me you’re not from around here.” The refined voice demanded Gabriel’s attention; he could taste the flavor of power in her honeyed tones.

He looked up from his scotch and smirked, “Something tells me you’re not from around here either.” He took in his companion; confident heels, smooth chocolate legs, a daring red sleeveless dress that ended mid thigh and clung to every curve and dipped invitingly at the front, delicious dark eyes framed by black curls and full lips splashed with red. Equal parts femininity and strength. She made his usual companions look like the playthings that they were.

“Hi, I’m Loki, I’m great in bed and blue is my favorite color, can I buy you a drink?”

Kali cocked her head and raised an eyebrow skeptically, did that really work? But the stranger intrigued her.

spn, charlie

DEW: The Trickster Plays A Visit

Title: The Trickster Plays A Visit
Characters: Gabriel, Jensen, Jared. a
Episode: Takes place in the alternate reality in The French Mistake.
Rating: G


Gabriel stuck his feet up and ate popcorn, settling in for an amusing afternoon. He loved visiting this alternate reality where Craft Services was plentiful and the only apocalypse to worry about was the current state of Jared’s hair.

“Hey Richard,” Jared greeted him. “They need Jensen, you know where he’s at?”

“I’ll get him,” Gabriel offered, jumping up. He disappeared into Jensen’s trailer, waved a finger to ensure the Texan would sleep through the afternoon taping and emerged looking like Supernatural’s all-American boy.

Three hours later he was getting bored and it was time to switch back so he made his excuses and ducked back to Jensen’s trailer to check on sleeping beauty. Jared stopped him on the way, “Good work man, the fans are going to eat it up, it looked like you were actually flirting with Misha! I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Neither did I,” Gabriel grinned impishly wondering what Jensen would think of the dailies.