March 22nd, 2014

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DEW: The Majestic Unicorn

The Majestic Unicorn

The lightning flashed in the sky behind him and Gabriel's wings manifested in the rain storm for a moment flickering majestically. "Noah, you must raise the gangplank and leave now!" He intoned, making his voice a full octave lower than usual.

Animals were marching up quickly, only a few remained, standing knee deep in the rising flood water.

"God has chosen this time for you to depart." Gabriel raised his hand and the gangplank hurtled up onto the deck.

The unicorns whined on the ground below, the water rising higher around them. Gabriel had never liked those pointy head pricks. 
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That's Why It's Hotter Under the Water

TITLE: That’s Why It’s Hotter Under the Water
CHARACTERS: Gabriel, Dean, Sam
RATING: G (It’s Disney after all)
SPOILERS: Season 5 Changing Channels


Gabriel tossed some Skittles into his mouth settling back on the couch to enjoy the show. He chuckled to himself, turning up the volume on the TV as he realized this was the best non-lethal fun he had with the muttonheads.

“What are you laughing at, bitch?” Dean snapped at his brother, tossing long red hair over his shoulder. “You’re the one stuck in the right ‘role’ in this animated chick-flick, Mr. Crabby-pants.”

“Are you sure bitch is the word you want to use, jerk?” Sam shot back, claws in the air. “I’m not the one who is a mermaid!”

Supernatural Fans Unite!

Originally posted by milly_gal at Supernatural Fans Unite!
Originally posted by wings128 at Supernatural Fans Unite!

As most, if not all, of you know by now, SKY Living has brutally axed Supernatural from it's programming and our UK!fangirls are left brokenhearted, and bereft of our boys and their weekly dose of gorgeous angsty-ness.

sasha_dragon was brave enough to send of an email request to UKTV see her post here, and she's asking that we all do the same, in happy entertaining verse, to encourage SPN's reinstatement on screens and laptops across Britain.

It's time to rally our collective forces and show the uninitiated the SUPERNATURAL power of our Fandom!


Click here to leave your message to UKTV

Please spread the word. ♥

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Probably only this from me this weekend--out of town, no laptop charger...

TITLE: Not What He Pictured
SPOILERS: Not for Supernatural, though I have spoiled a funny One Piece scene for a reference image.

The scientist warily followed the sound of singing. The guy at the bar said the “mermaid” could be found at this rocky point. He’d come to debunk the local stories, just as he had others of mythical creatures. It wasn’t possible for there to be a hybrid of fish and human!

He rounded a large rock to see a woman’s back. He smirked. He knew it was nothing out of the ordinary!

“Excuse me, miss.”

Her head turned slowly. The biologist gaped at her fish face and ran away screaming.

Gabriel grinned from a distance. “I thought she was cute.”

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DEW: Three Hour Tour

Title:  Three Hour Tour
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: G
Summary:  Sam knew it wasn't going to be a three hour tour.
A/N:  I'm seeing Sam in a red shirt and white pants with a white hat on.  Dean's in blue and white with a skipper's hat.  I'm very happy with these mental pictures.  Hopefully you are too!

Sam shakes his head, flinging droplets of salty water like a seafaring sheepdog. He wades onto the sandy beach, stares at the coconut trees he’s been expecting since the wind started blowing. The boat’s on the bottom of the ocean but debris scatters the shoreline and the other passengers wander around aimlessly, searching for belongings or rescue. Sam could tell them the Trickster won’t be sending help, but he doesn’t bother. Three hour tour, his ass.

“C’mon, Little Buddy.” Dean’s beside him, sopping wet and grinning. “You round up the Howells and the Professor. I’ll grab Ginger and Mary Ann.”