March 19th, 2014

Animated Big Pretzel

3rd Annual Spring Fic Exchange: It's Time To Write!

Awesome banner by mamapranayama

The claiming is closed!  It's time to start writing!   We have an amazing 22 participants this year (below the cut).  Please take a look and make sure we didn't make a mistake on your claim.

A few date reminders:

April 1st - Posting of story synopsis for artist claiming*
May 2 - FINISH LINE  (we will be doing a posting schedule due to the number of participants, that will come later)
We'll also be checking in on you all during the process, so keep an eye out for check-in posts, etc.

Feel free to contact your prompter and work with them to further tailor the story to their preferences OR make it all a surprise if you prefer :D

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*Note: If you are an artist or know any artists, please consider encouraging people to participate in this as an artist. We will only be asking or one banner for each story. We will have more details in the artist claim post on April 1st, but that is less than two weeks away. Thanks!

Let's DEW it!!!

It's ....
Drabbles Every Weekend
otherwise known as


Well once again, the bar was set unbelievably high on last week's challenge with a fabulous set of drabbles centering around everyone's favourite slimy douchebag, Crowley and/or the theme of travelling.

So we're all excited to see what the combined ranks of Spn-BigPretzel can come up with this week, and therefore, I'm thrilled to unveil this week's challenge:

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