March 13th, 2014

Animated Big Pretzel

3rd Annual Spring Fic Exchange: AUTHOR CLAIMING POST!

This is the author claiming post for the 3rd Annual Fic Exchange. If you filled out the form expressing an interest in having a fic written for you and left prompts, now if the time to return the favor by picking another author and write a fic for them.

To claim, pick one of your fellow comm members based on their selection of prompts by leaving their lj username in the comments below.  You will have until May 2 to write at least a 1000 word story for them based on one of their prompts (or a combination thereof). Definitely feel free to work with the prompter to make sure you are giving them a story they'll enjoy. HERE is the link to original post with all the details.  Any questions, just ask.

This is first come, first served and YOU ARE PICKING AN AUTHOR NOT AN INDIVIDUAL PROMPT Once an author is chosen, they will be marked off of the available list.  Keep in mind, you are only eligible to claim if you left prompts. Hence, the exchange part ;)

FYI: After the exchange we do plan to scoop up all the unfilled prompts and do an adopt a bunny free-for-all once again. It will be open to all comm members, not just those who participated in the exchange.

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