March 10th, 2014

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Spring Fic Exchange Author Sign-Up Reminder

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As of right now, we have 19 people signed up for the exchange.  But we will take as many people who are interested. It is not too late. You still have until Wednesday, March 12, 2014 to sign up.

What do I have to do to sign up? GO HERE. (I have also conveniently made this the current sticky post for the comm). Enter 3 to 5 prompts for stories that you would like to receive, along with any preferences you have (pairings, fav. characters, etc.).   This is spn_bigpretzel, so the only thing we ask is that you keep the prompts light in tone.  These stories should make people laugh and/or give them the warm and fuzzies.  In other words, no over-the-top angst or dark!fic.  Any questions, just ask.

The author claiming post will go up on Thursday, March 13th at 8PM CDST.
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Oh, Brother, Where the Hell Art Thou?

Title: "Oh Brother, Where the Hell Art Thou?"

Rated: Gen, humor.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel

Author: candygramme

Beta: laurathelurker

Word count: ~10,300

Summary: The brothers investigation of a disappearances at a spa has unfortunate side effects. If I had to guess, I'd say it was set somewhere in Season 4

Disclaimer: No profit was made off this. The characters belong the originators of Supernatural. Was all in pure fun.

Author's notes: This was supposed to be a drabble. Somebody help me!

"Oh Brother, Where the Hell Art Thou?"
spn, charlie

Title: Growing Up

Characters: Bobby Singer, Young Sam Winchester, Young Dean Winchester

Rating: PG for a Swear


“You boys all packed up? Your Dad’ll be here in a few minutes and I know he wants to get on the road so make sure you’ve got your bags packed. Don’t be leaving anything behind you might be wanting or that I don’t want to be finding when you’ve gone, and I’m looking at you Dean.”

Dean squirmed and tried to look innocent as he smiled back at his “Uncle.” Dean and Bobby both knew Bobby was talking about the magazines he’d found under Dean’s bed after their last visit. John and Sam didn’t need to know but Bobby had had a few uncomfortable words with the boy upon their return.

Bobby sighed. John Winchester had no idea his boys were growing up and becoming men, all he saw were two hunters-in-training, Bobby didn’t really think it was his place to talk about the birds and the bees but he supposed his short sermon on respecting women was better than nothing. It was more than John had time or patience for anyway.

“Sam, about that conversation we had earlier, if it goes well you’ll be needing this,” Bobby added offering Sam a twenty dollar note. Bobby was referring to Sam’s intentions to ask a young lady friend out to a movie, but Bobby knew better than to blurt it out in front of Dean, who would no doubt tease Sam senseless during the long drive ‘home.’

Sam looked wistfully at the offering but didn’t reach for it, “Dad says we’re not allowed to ask for money.”

“You didn’t ask. Just if she says yes, you’ll be a gentleman about it, if she says no buy yourself an ice-cream you poor bastard.”

“That’s a lot of ice-cream,” Dean complained.

“I did you a favour not telling your Dad about that other thing remember? Now you two stay out of trouble and try to eat something green once in awhile.”

“Yes Uncle Bobby,” Sam smiled.

“Alright, go wait out front for your Dad then," Bobby instructed gruffly, he couldn't have those boys thinking he'd gone totally soft.

The boys nodded and headed out. Bobby let out a sigh as the door clanged shut behind them, he always felt like a little piece of himself left with the boys.