March 9th, 2014

nyah, Raja

If only all resolutions were so simple!

TITLE: Closure

The old theater was being torn down in a few days, which was probably why the ghost had popped up now. Rumor had it that the guy had choked on a piece of popcorn while laughing partway through some comedy.

It wasn’t a typical, ghost-producing violent death, and there were no remains left to burn, so Bobby had puzzled over what could be keeping this guy hanging around.

Then he realized what he needed to do. He lined up the reel and started the film. Never getting to see the end of the movie would make him vengeful, too!
spn, charlie

Title: The Last Person Who Should Be Giving Advice

Characters: Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester

Rating: PG for a swear.


Bobby pulled a beer out of his fridge, popped the top, took a swig and turned to walk back to his desk, but as he rounded the island bench he crashed into the smallest Winchester. “Friggin’ hell Sam! What is it with you today?” Bobby barked, annoyed as some of the beer sloshed over the lip and onto his hand.

The boy was in middle school now, he was too old to be skulking around like a clingy little kid, but he’d been following Bobby around like a shadow all day and it was past beginning to get on his nerves.

“Sorry Uncle Bobby,” Sam returned quickly, taking a step back. He shoved his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight from foot to foot, his gaze on Bobby’s kitchen floor.

“Alright - out with it.”

“What?” Sam asked with an expression like an animal caught in the Impala’s headlights.

“Whatever it is that’s got you tied up in knots.”

“It’s nothing,” Sam sighed.

“If it was nothing you wouldn’t be following me around like a lost lamb. Spill the beans. Did you do something? Did Dean do something?”

“No. No. I just…. I…. how-do-you-ask-a-girl-out?” Sam asked the last bit in such a rush that Bobby almost didn’t make out their meaning.

“Woman troubles huh?” Bobby tried to keep his tone light but serious. “Probably more of your brother’s department than mine, but I say keep it simple. Ask her if she wants to see a movie. The worst thing she can say is no.”

“Thanks Uncle Bobby,” Sam smiled and headed out of the room.

Bobby exhaled. Balls. Bobby didn’t know much about women, but he knew Sam, and when Sam fell in love Bobby knew he’d fall fast and hard. It wouldn’t end well, even if the girl liked the kid back it wouldn’t be long before John uprooted them again, but he couldn’t discourage the boy from trying.

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