March 8th, 2014

Animated Big Pretzel

Mod Annoucement

It's great to see the activity level on the rise here at spn_bigpretzel after a bit of a slow down. And while we are offering more activities, it really wouldn't amount to hill of beans if we didn't have so many wonderful members jumping in and participating with their ideas, fic and art. It's YOU that really makes things happen around here and we love all of your contributions.

Having said that, one of the reasons that challenges and other offerings got a little bit slim around here for awhile is that RL seemed to kick all three of the mods in the gut at the same time. We have always said that as members, you can always step up and offer your own challenges such as a comment fic meme. And you did just that. The 12 Days of Christmas challenge was a wonderful event that you guys pulled off.

But one of you has stepped forward and offered to help the mods. Someone with an enthusiasm and joy for this community, and has been there since we first opened our doors. So we have added dizzojay as a co-mod here at the Big Pretzel. Please welcome her as she begins to help mamapranayama, lolaann1 and myself (auntmo9) as we continue to find creative ways to celebrate the "Sunnier Side of Supernatural".
nyah, Raja

Am I the first DEWer? Right on!

TITLE: Ticket Trauma
WARNINGS: Silliness?

Bobby knew he was in danger of missing the show time he wanted, but he made himself wait until the crowd had cleared out so that he would be the only one in the ticket line. He just knew he was still going to get a weird look from the ticket booth, but better that than a whole line of people goggling at him.

Finally, there was a window with no line, and he hurried forward. The teenage girl behind the glass looked him up and down.

“‘Tomorrow Never Dies?’” she guessed.

Bobby cleared his throat. “One for ‘Titanic,’ please.”
nyah, Raja

My aunt used to forget traumatizing/inappropriate/awkward parts of movies all the time...

TITLE: Buyer's Remorse
CHARACTERS: Bobby, weechesters
WARNINGS: Traumatizing children?

Bobby browsed the clearance movie rack at the rental store. He needed to be prepared for the next time John Winchester dumped his kids at his place.

No one wanted a repeat of Sam’s traumatic first viewing of ‘Jaws.’ Dean had thought it was hilarious, but he hadn’t had to convince Sam that his brother was a liar and sharks could not really get to him in the bathtub!

He picked up a copy of ‘Bambi.’ That was a classic, right?


Bobby sighed as both boys gave him sad, teary looks. How could he have forgotten Bambi’s mother’s death?

nyah, Raja

Poor Bobby was always juggling at least two jobs!

TITLE: Truth Is Stranger

Bobby squinted at the kid on his porch.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m a film student at the University of Sioux Falls, and I wanted to ask your permission to film my final project here--it’s perfect!”


“I’m gonna call it ‘The Operator!’ It’s about this guy who owns a scrap yard, and it’s legit, right? Only, his real job is he’s an information and cover source for an underground network of spies or assassins or something--I haven’t settled on that, yet.”

“Kid, nobody’s gonna buy that premise.” A phone rang. “Sorry, I need to take a call.”

BigPretzel - I salute you!

I've referred to spn_bigpretzel as my Livejournal spiritual home many times, and so I am now thrilled to be working alongside mamapranayama, lolaann1 and auntmo9 to keep the fun and larks rolling here at the Sunnier Side of Supernatural, and to give something back to the community that has given me so much pleasure over the last two years.

I joined this community within days of it being set up, and within a few weeks it had become necessary for our lovely mods to add new 'Naked Sam and Naked Dean' tags just for me.   I'm not sure whether to be honoured or concerned about that!

And so, in keeping with my favourite subject matter, here's a little message for this lovely comm and all you awesome members who keep it alive; thank you for all the laughs, and here's to many more to come!