March 1st, 2014

Animated Big Pretzel

And the Winner is...

Well, it has been an exciting 10 days here at spn_bigpretzel. All of the mods have loved seeing the activity on the comm and the creativity in all of the drabbles and graphics posted. Judging by the comments, I think everyone has been enjoying it. We also know you want to keep it going so we will keep coming up with activities. (Hey, with more snow on the way tomorrow, I might just have some time on my hands).

And now to the results of the Get Into Shape Challenge...

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nyah, Raja

I can recall being told this.

TITLE: Thunder
CHARACTERS: Mary, wee!Dean, Zachariah, and Michael
WARNINGS: Silliness?
SPOILERS: Not really.

Dean whimpered and snuggled closer as thunder rumbled outside. Mary rubbed her son’s back.

“It’s okay, sweetie--that’s just the angels bowling.”

“Really?” Dean asked, eyes wide.

She didn’t really believe it, but it had sure done the trick to calm him down. “Sure.”


Up in heaven, Zachariah swore as his grace-manifested bowling ball clunked into the gutter.

“Whose idea was it that we all take up this blasted mud monkey past time?”


Zachariah turned to see Michael giving him an amused look. All four faces paled.

“I meant, uh, don’t I have another turn?”

Another gutter ball.


ETA: Pssst... Mods! I fail at calendar reading. Can you delete my team exercise tag from this? Or we could just call it a tribute to my team.