February 24th, 2014

Castiel Bloody

Team Diet: Average Night

TITLE: Average Night

Cindy made the closing announced and turned back to her register, startled to find a customer already waiting. Working in a grocery store, she saw all sorts of strange characters come through her line, but her jaw was hanging as she gave this one a quick glance.

The guy was covered in wet red clay and mud and...was that blood dripping from his hairline? She couldn’t begin to name the black goo smeared over his leather jacket.

He smiled brightly and plopped down an apple pie, a six-pack, and a bag of rock salt.

Just another average night.


Team exercise: Don't touch my stuff!

“Sammy, give it back!“ Dean growled and glared at his brother.

But Sam only grinned and waved the desired object around. “Do you mean this?”

“Yes, I mean that, you little punk.” Dean deked right and then started to run around the table the other way, but his little brother was no slacker and started their next three turns around the table.

“Damn it, Sammy, give it back!” Coming to a skidding halt, Dean shook his fist threateningly.

“Come and get it!” Sam actually stuck his tongue out.

“Okay, that’s it!” With a mighty battle cry Dean leapt over the table and tackled his brother, who was too surprised to move out of the way.

After a short moment of rolling around, Dean finally won.

“Don’t you think, this was a little over the top?” Sam asked breathlessly.

“It’s the newest edition, dude!” Carefully holding the Busty Asian Beauties magazine in his hands, Dean left his brother lying on the ground.

Team exercise: Some new kind of road trip

“You know, it’s actually refreshing…”


“You know, just driving around?” Dean gently pressed the gas and put his elbow in the open window.
“You still okay there, sport?”

“I’m great, Dean! What do you think!” Sam bit back while trying to control his breathing.

“Oh, touchy.” Grabbing the bag of chips, Dean shoved a handful in his mouth. “You know, this could be good.”

“In what world could this be good?”

“You could learn something from it.” Putting the bag of chips back, Dean grabbed his soda next and took a slurp, then offered it to Sam. “You want some?”


“You should stay hydrated.”


“Just saying! Anyway, what I meant was, that you could learn something from this experience.”

“And what could that possibly be?”

“Don’t put on some douchy shoes only because some chick told you they would perfectly accommodate your giant feet and are environmentally friendly.” Taking another slurp Dean looked out of the driver window at his sweating brother. “And you wouldn’t have seven-mile boots on your feet now.”

Team exercise: New cleaning method

“Come on, Cas. I want to show you something.”

“And that something is in Sam’s room?” Cas eyed Dean impassively, when they looked into the empty room.

Grinning, Dean slapped Cas shoulder. “Come on, we need to get a few supplies.” Dragging Cas first to the broom closet and then to the kitchen, Dean giggled the whole time.
When he filled a bucket with water, Cas frowned. “Do you want to clean Sam’s room?”

“Sort of.” Lifting the bucket, Dean made his way back to their quarters. “Come on Cas, you gotta help me.”

- An hour later –

“Did you bring the pie?”

“Yes, Dean. It’s in the bag.” Sam sighed and put the shopping bags onto the table and started rubbing at a dirty spot on his shirt. “I need to go and change.”

“Uh-hu.” Grabbing the pie out of the bag, Dean waved Cas with him and settled down in the library.

“You want some pie, Cas?”

“No, thank you, Dean.”

A loud rattle, a girlish scream and then a curse echoed through the bunker a minute later. Followed by a loud “DEAN!”

“I don’t think it was a good idea to put the bucket on top of the door, Dean.”

Laughing loudly, Dean ate his pie.
Team Diet

Team Diet: Soppy Sam


Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/warnings: None
Word count: about 100 (you try counting them!)
Disclaimer: Don't own them!


"Dean ..."


"love you …"

"Yeah right; Sasquatch, c'mon, you've had enough."

"No-no, I mean it; y'm'brother 'n I love you cos y'my fav'rite … hic … big brother ever 'n you 'lways look after me 'cos 'm your lil' brother 'cept I'm bigger'n you, n'even though y'stumpy, n'y legs point in diff'rent directions, n'y got girls' eyelashes, n' y'gotta real shitty temper, n' your feet stink, I will, Dean, … hic … I'll love you f'rever n'ever n'ever n'ever n'ev...."


"Dean ..."

*Sigh* "What now?"

"Did I say tha' I love you ...?"


exercise, team

There may or may not be more gerbil drabbles yet to come...

TITLE: The Great Escape
CHARACTERS: Dean and Sam
WARNINGS: More gerbil curse

“This plan is dumb.”

“No, it isn’t!” Dean insisted. “Remember that class hamster you had to watch for a weekend in second grade that we renamed Houdini?”

“You mean the one I had to explain losing?”

“This is how he got out!” Dean pointed at the round metal plate covering a hole in one end of the cage where a plastic tunnel could be attached.

The witch had left them a whole carrot to chew on, and they used it as a battering ram. Sure enough, the plate popped off.

They peered over the edge of the table.

“Now what?”
Team Diet

Team Diet: Fighting Dirty


Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Character: Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own him!


The luscious aroma of hot cherry pie drifted over Dean, tantalising and teasing him mercilessly.

His lips shone with moist anticipation as he gazed at glistening cherry filling oozing seductively between fat slabs of golden pastry.

Every fibre of his being longed to tuck in; savour each bite and fill his belly to the brim with the mouthwatering, indulgent bliss.

But one single bite of the enchanted faerie pie and he would be lost forever.

Those faeries wanted Dean; they knew his Achilles heel and were cruelly exploiting it to capture their prey.

Faeries he could fight … but pie?



Team Exercise: Walkies

Title: Walkies
Author: mamapranayama
Rated: PG
Summary: Dean takes Sam for a Walk.

"Do I really have to wear this thing?" Sam asked, stopping to scratch behind his ear as they walked down the street, "It's humiliating."

"Sorry Sammy, you gotta wear it," Dean came back, "It's like the law or something."

"It's bullcrap is what it is." Sam growled, "It's not like I'm going to run off."

"Dude ...you think you're embarrassed? I'm walking my little brother around on a leash because he was boneheaded enough to get himself turned into a dog. And not even a cool dog at that, but a freaking, girly poodle for God's sake . So, just shut up and walk before I decide to have you fixed.”