February 23rd, 2014

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Bobby could get away with so much, and no one would ever know...

TITLE: What It's All About
CHARACTERS: John and Bobby (on the phone)
WARNINGS: Not really?

“Okay, Bobby, walk me through this thing.” John checked over his chalk circle and the bowl of ingredients. This ritual should banish the spirit lingering in this place, wrapping up the case.

“You double check that circle?”

“Yes, and the ingredients, too. Now what?”

“Light it up.”

John dropped a match in the bowl. The contents went up in pungent smoke.


“Put your right foot in.” He did. “Take it back out.”


“Now put it back in and shake it all about.”

He was actually shaking his foot when he caught on.

“You’re still mad, aren’t you?”

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Team Diet: Discussion

"You really need to eat more vegetables, Dean."

"I eat vegetables!"

"You eat fries."

"That's potatoes! Potatoes are a vegetable! And I eat them baked, too....mashed....."

"Yeah, Dean, you eat potatoes. You need a little more variety in your diet! Like some fruit..."

"I eat fruit, too. Apples, peaches, berries...."

"When do you eat all these fruits? Cause I never see it, Dean!"

"They're in the pie!"

"Oh, I give up! Eat whatever the hell you want!"

"I brought you pizza. Olives, pineapples....all the junk you like on it."



"....this is all meat."

"That one's mine."


(now maybe I can sleep...)
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Team Exercise: Bending Forwards

Bending Forwards

"Come on, give it a try." Her eyes sparkled with laughter, they'd done this before.

Dean groaned, running his fingers through her hair. "I can think of lots of things that we could be doing instead." He kissed her.

Lisa pulled away. "I bet you could. Big strong guy like you. Please?" She showed him again, making it look effortless.

He sighed and reached forwards, his arms falling short again. "I told you. I can't go this."

Lisa looked up, her arms wrapped around her legs and a look of surprise on her face. "You still can't touch your toes."
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I blame my sister for this!

TITLE: When Death Asks a Favor...
CHARACTERS: Dean and Death
AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's a long story behind this bit of insanity. Collapse )

“Hello, Dean.”

“Oh crap! What are you doing here?” Dean asked Death, who cocked one brow. “I mean, uh, hello, sir?”

“I have a favor to ask.”

Dean gulped. This never went well for him. “Yeah?”

“I would like to learn to ride a bicycle.”

Dean blinked. “Seriously? You’re older than bicycles! How do you not know that already?”

“Always so impertinent to me, Dean.”



Dean pushed the bicycle, running behind it. “Okay,” he panted, “I’m gonna let go. Try to keep your balance!”

Death grinned as he wobbled away. Pestering Dean was almost as enjoyable as junk food!
Team Diet

Team Diet: The Grim Gourmet


Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Characters: Death
Spoilers/Warnings: none, except gallows humour
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own him!


No-one paid attention to the gaunt figure sitting alone in the pizzeria, methodically working his way through a deep-pan pepperoni pizza with side of chicken wings and pickle chips.

Taking a long draught from his large full-sugar cola, he surveyed the chattering throngs.

These poor creatures, he thought, all miserably labouring their way through platefuls of grass; ruminating like bored cattle on lettuce and grated carrot, and washing it down with glasses of mineral water.

And all to keep him away.

He savoured a pickle chip and smiled; didn’t they know that diet was just ‘die’ with a T?


Castiel Bloody

Team Diet: Muffin?

TITLE: Muffin?

Crumbs spilling down his shirt, Dean moaned in satisfaction as he chewed. He wasn’t usually a fan of muffins, but these were good. Maybe Sam getting up at the crack of dawn wasn’t such a bad thing if he brought back food.

Dean finished one off just as the bathroom door opened, a wet-haired Sam stepping out.

“What flavor are these muffins you bought?”

Sam blinked at him, surprised. “I thought you’d bought those while I was running.”

Mid-chew, Dean glared down at the basket...and at the small card buried beneath one muffin.

Enjoy, boys. ~Crowley

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Team Exercise - Mr. Fizzles Says

"Mr. Fizzles says Jump up and down."

Sam and Dean jumped in unison.

"Mr. Fizzles says run on the spot."

The brothers began to do as the weird looking glove puppet had ordered.

"Mr Fizzles says..." There was a very brief pause, and then Mr. Fizzles' voice seemed to rise a couple of octaves to be a definite falsetto. "Shoot that werewolf that's coming to eat us all."

Smoothly, Sam and Dean turned, aimed and fired with the silver bullets they'd loaded in earlier. The little girl who had been kidnapped by the monster gave a delighted giggle and clapped her hands as the beast fell dead.
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Team Exercise - Trading Insults

"Are you still here?" Abaddon finished freshening up her makeup and blew herself a kiss in the mirror. "I'd have thought you'd have skulked away by now to do some aerobic sitting or something."

"Your words cut me to the quick. Do stop before I burst into tears," said Crowley. "I'm off to do some exercise."

"I believe you... not," murmured Abaddon, smirking. "You should go for a long walk. Get those thighs toned."

"Yeah. I'm all in favor of long walks, preferably taken by people I really don't like." Crowley muttered. "Off you go."

"Oh, sweetie, are you offended that I mentioned your flabby thighs?" said Abaddon sweetly. " Don't worry, fortunately your stomach covers them."
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They do look like fun...

TITLE: The Bright Side
CHARACTERS: Dean and Sam
WARNINGS: Gerbil curse

The witch might have them caged for now, but Sam wasn’t staying a gerbil any longer than he had to! He studied the latch mechanism of the cage and wished for about the hundredth time that Dean would actually help with the escape instead of just running on that stupid wheel nonstop...

“Sammy, check this out!”

“What? You voluntarily exercising?”

Dean scoffed. “No! Watch this!”

Sam sighed and looked over to see Dean speed up and then stop, allowing the wheel to carry him all the way around with it.

“Woo! This thing is awesome!

“I’m glad somebody’s enjoying this...”
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Team Exercise - You do what you have to

The snow was thick on the ground, and Baby was out of gas. "We'd better get the ski's out," said Sam, his smile making Dean think his brother had secretly been hoping for exactly this scenario. Dean knew that Sam had been out on his skis earlier that morning. Growling, he reached for the skis and began to put them on, muttering under his breath. He didn't wait for Sam, but headed off with the empty fuel can in the direction of the gas station they'd passed a few miles back.

Sam soon caught up and elbowed Dean, his eyes sparkling, and his complexion rosy with effort. "Isn't this awesome?" he said.

Dean rolled his eyes. "Dude, If we were going to try cross-country skiing, we should've started with a smaller country."
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Team Exercise: Run, Dean, Run!

Sam looked up from his computer to see his brother running towards the car as if Lucifer himself had risen and was after him.

"Dude, you okay?" he asked, taking note of Dean's pale, sweaty exterior and his trembling hands.

Dean, somewhat red faced and still panting from the run, didn't answer for a moment. When he finally managed to gasp out his problem, Sam had trouble containing his laughter.

This guy in white came up to me in the diner. I thought he was a chef," said Dean, when he'd caught his breath. "How was I to know he wanted me to do some weird meditation thing? He told me he could make me one with everything. I thought he was talking about a burger."
Castiel Bloody

Team Diet: Challenge Accepted

TITLE: Challenge Accepted

“Oh please, I could eat healthy if I wanted to.”

“Dean, you can barely stomach anything green.”

“I could eat nothin’ but green food all day! I think you’re underestimating my willpower, Sammy.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”
“Fine. Tomorrow. Green from sun up to sun down. But if I do it, next salt and burn, you do all the shoveling.”

Sam huffed. “Fine.”

Dean reached down, pawing through a grocery bag for his guacamole flavored tortilla chips. Success! “Hey, Sam, how do you feel about Shamrock Shakes for lunch tomorrow? What? They’re green!”