February 22nd, 2014

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Did you know "griffin" has three legitimately acceptable spellings?

TITLE: Up a Tree
CHARACTER: Sam and Dean
WARNINGS: Not really?

“We need to check that nest,” Sam announced as he peered up the tall pine. “There might be babies.”

“What do you even call baby griffins?” Dean wondered. “Chicks? Cubs?” He snapped his fingers. “Chubs!”

“We are not calling them that!”

Dean thought for another moment. “Grifflets?”

“Well, whatever we call them, somebody needs to go up and check.”

“Rock, paper, scissors?”


By the time he reached the nest, Dean was sweaty, out of breath, and covered in sticky sap.

“There’s good news and bad news,” he called down. “The nest is clear, but...”

“But what?”

“I might be stuck.”
exercise, team

I think we may still have one of these in the garage...

TITLE: Behind Closed Doors
CHARACTER: Sam and Dean
WARNINGS: Not really?
SPOILERS: I guess through mid-season 8 for the setting.

Over the years, Sam had trained himself to studiously ignore sounds made by Dean behind closed doors, but this was loud!

Cachunk! Squeak! Cachunk! Squeak!

It sounded like a large spring being repeatedly compressed and released, and his first thought was obviously that it was Dean’s bed, but then he remembered that memory foam didn’t have springs.

When he knocked, Dean opened the door only a crack, and he was red-faced and out of breath.

“What’s going on in there?


“Try again.”

Dean opened the door to reveal a pogo-stick.

Sam grinned. “Can I have a turn?”

END NOTE: I hope they have high ceilings in the Bunker!
Team Diet

Team Diet: It calls ...


Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: none except for graphic sound effects!
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own them!


Sam was sitting in the Batcave’s library when he heard it.

Guggleurgle ...

He looked up from his book and listened.

Rowwgggle-glubble ...

Holy crap; he knew the Batcave’s plumbing was old, but what the hell?

Oooorgleblubble-glub ...

Getting up out of his chair, he began slowly working his way through the bunker’s cavernous corridors, trying to locate the source of the sound.  As he approached the kitchen, it was growing louder.

Roowrgle-rowww ... squeak ...

As he rounded the corner into the kitchen, he bumped into Dean carrying a skyscraping stack of sandwiches.

“Hey Sammy, you ready to eat?”

gloooooooog-oooog ... bloop-oop ...

“I’m famished!”



Team Diet

Team Diet: Sweet Torture


Rating: K+
Genre: Humour/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own them!


Blinking hazily through a receding  anaesthetic fog, Dean’s unfocussed eyes drifted between the bowl in his hand and the familiar figure sitting beside his hospital bed.

"C'mon dude," Sam coaxed gently; "doc says if you can eat this ice-cream, they’ll discharge you.”

Dean’s nauseously grey face crumped into an agonised grimace.

"It's vanilla, your favourite," Sam offered hopefully.

Dean scowled in sulky frustration; the soft yellow scoop in the bowl may as well have been a cocktail of razor-blades and angry wasps all topped off with a sprinkling of cactus thorns.

Stupid doctor, what would he know about tonsillectomies?


exercise, team

I do wonder how Dean knows so much about swords...

TITLE: Touché
CHARACTER: Sam and Dean
WARNINGS: Not really?
SPOILERS: I guess through mid-season 8 for the setting.

It came as no surprise the Bunker had a room with padded floors and mirrored walls for martial arts and other exercise. It was also no surprise they had fencing equipment, since they had exemplars of just about every weapon ever. The surprise was that Dean knew how to use it.

Dean’s foil blade move forward on his outside line, and Sam parried before realizing it was a feint. The blunted tip jabbed his chest.

Touché,” Sam grumbled.

Someday, he was going to get the whole story of how Dean learned fencing, but first he wanted to score a touch!
Both PCA rockin'

Team Exercise - Hopping mad

The day that Dean found the space-hopper in the store-room was the day that Sam thought he was finally going to be driven completely around the bend. First it was Kevin, who gave a cry of "I used to have one of these," and took off on it, bounding up the corridor, and then, when at last he collapsed, exhausted, (which was several hours later, when Sam had already developed a pounding headache!) Dean took over where Kevin had left off, bouncing around and around the library yelling 'yeehaw' and cackling,

"Don't you think you're a little old for that, Dean?"

"Aww, Sammy, I'm practicing to be a bouncer."
Both PCA rockin'

Team Exercise - Twist and Shout.

After watching Sam doing yoga and achieving all manner of relatively graceful poses, Dean reluctantly admitted that his brother was far more flexible and balanced than he was. He agreed to give it a try in order to improve his own coordination, even though he thought his was pretty good.

He managed the tree, the plough and the standing forward bend okay, but when he slid into the camel, he found that he was stuck.

"Sammy? A little help here?"

"Breathe, Dean. Just relax and breathe," murmured Sam, who was achieving Nirvana just then.

"I can't!" gasped Dean. "You've turned me into a big pretzel."


Team Diet | Abaddon

Title: Not Fit For a Queen
Verse: None
Claim: Bingo card
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Abaddon
Words: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Abaddon is not a happy.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I make no claims of ownership or profits.
Written for the prompt: Bingo Square: Shepard's Pie for [community profile] allbingo
and Team Diet for: spn_bigpretzel
Supernatural Dean the older brother

Team Diet: Dr. Sexy Rides Again

Title: Dr. Sexy Rides Again
Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester & Doctor Sexy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: Dean's a fangirl.
A/N: Fourth in the Doctor Sexy drabbles. written for spn_bigpretzel
A/N2: The actor who plays Doctor Sexy is Steve Bacic. I however am not comfortable writing real people so for the purpose of these drabbles the actor who plays Doctor Sexy is Nickolas Emerson Gray(it's a name I made up from 3 different characters Steve Bacic has played)

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Team Exercise - Old Friends

They found Frank. It was in the last place in the world they expected. He was ringmaster in a traveling circus. When Dean recognized him, Frank made a curt gesture that meant shut up or I will end you, and Dean nodded, but he and Sam waited for him at the end of the show.

Over drinks in Frank's new trailer, they caught up. Frank had run when the Leviathan had caught wind of his whereabouts. They promised to keep his new location a secret, but Sam knew he'd be off running again as soon as they left.

"Boy, you put on weight," Dean said to Frank, prodding his middle.

"We all get heavier as we get older, because there's a lot more information in our heads,'" growled Frank." "I just have a lot of knowledge. That's all"
Both PCA rockin'

Team Exercise: Sparring

Abaddon admired herself in a mirror surrounded by skulls and bones. Turning sideways, she patted her trim tummy and nodded. Her new dress was skin tight and showed her voluptuous curves off , and it had been custom made for her from the skin of the damned.

Crowley materialized behind her and surveyed her with a critical eye. "A bit vain, aren't we, love?"

Abaddon laughed. "Unlike you, I work out to stay in shape."

"Hey! I work out," Crowley protested.

"The only exercise you've had in the last few years was climbing, but don't worry, dear, you're over the hill at last."

**Could Abaddon have a tag, please? You won't like her if she's angry.**
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Mod Post: Reminders and a Poll (or Two)

As we continue to plug along at a great clip on our Get Into Shape Clip, just a few reminders:

  • Your drabbles should be focused as much as possible on food/ drink for Team Diet and exercise/movement for Team Exercise. This can include preparing for, actually completing such activities, or the "aftermath" of such. Most of you have been very creative while staying within these guidelines. Some of you have started to stretch the limits of these guidelines.

  • On the flip side of that, we also did this challenge so that we could spark interest in posting in the community again, and to have fun. As mods, think we have done that, and what we want most is for everyone to continue to post and have fun doing so.

ETA: If you have any questions, concerns,disagreements about content concerning your own entries, or that of someone else, please PM one of the mods (auntmo9, mamapranayama or lolaann1). You can also refer to our profile page for our general community rules. Remember, this community was started to celebrate the lighthearted aspects of the show and have an upbeat theme and we want to do our best to be nice to one another and share the pie :)

In the spirit of discussing community activity, we want to mention some upcoming community events.

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exercise, team

He could always go get the pogo-stick, I suppose...

TITLE: Reasons to Keep a Tall Person Around
WARNINGS: Not really?
SPOILERS: I guess through mid-season 8 for the setting.

Unfreakingbelievable! The Men of Letters had the accumulated supernatural knowledge of all human history, and they didn’t have a step stool in the kitchen? Bunch of nerds probably moved it to the library or had it filed away someplace in their crazy “let’s not label anything” system!

Dean glowered up at the mixing bowl on the very top shelf. He could just about reach the shelf itself if he stretched up on his toes, and if he jumped, he could brush the edge of the bowl with his fingertips.

There was only one solution to this problem...

“Sam? Come here!”