February 10th, 2014


FIC: Alternate Lubrication

Title: Alternate Lubrication
Author: deceptivemirror
Rating: R (for sexy times, grossness, and some crude speaking)
Genre: Wincest (I have crossed to the dark side for this)
Characters: Sam and Dean

Summary: When it comes to personal health, people really shouldn't believe everything they read.

Author's note: clearly, this has become a 'verse. Henceforth, this is the second installment of the Anti-Trope 'verse, which was preceded by (but not otherwise related to) Healing Cock of Love. You all may once again thank keep_waking_up as the enabler of these stories, as we were discussing yet another unbelievable plot device that gets used a bit too often for my (and obviously the boys') comfort.

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