January 16th, 2014

Abaddon versus Crowley Pins (Icons)

As princess_schez suggested a community challenge for Abaddon V Crowley for ruler of hell, I decided to make some campaign 'pins' (icons) just in case y'all decided to do the challenge, or even if any of you just fancy showing your love for either to win ;) Now, as the rules state, The fic, art, or other material has to be upbeat in theme. Outright funny, or something that provokes an "awwwww" response. Whump is fine if it's comical in nature, or is a minor feature in a mostly upbeat story (or artwork). it's quite difficult to find a 'cutesy' way of making either of these guys pins, lol, but I think I've cracked it.

If they aren't in the right vein, then feel free to remove them.

I don't know if you'll do the challenge, but just in case anyone wanted to..... :D

Teasers: crowleyforking.jpg forqueen.jpg stop.jpg

Voting Starts....