August 20th, 2013

  • antrazi

Discussion/Question Post

SInce it's so quiet at the moment I thought it would be great to try check if people out there are still alive or just hibernating till the next season starts.

If you are a creator of some kind (author, artist, vidder etc) you will most likely have some work that you laboured over, loved and cherished... and the response to it was a bit underwhelming.
My question is about the other extreme, the thing you wrote/drew... in a short amount of time just because, that you are personally not that fond of that got a surprising number of reactions? Or perhaps not the number, but the reactions didn't fit in any way with your expectations?
Do you have anything like that? What is it and why?

To make a start, in my case it's Prison and the Winchesters, a ficlet that just came out of my keyboard without any plan or decision and I'm still surprised every time I get a Kudos report for it.