July 19th, 2013


Wow, That Went Quickly! Reverse Bang Art Claiming is Closed

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Wow, I think this is the first time the claiming on a reverse bang has closed so quickly and with no second round!  I hope that means all our writers have lots of great ideas.  Below is the claim list.  Please let me know if I've screwed up.

xsnappapplex's art (Untitled) was claimed by jalu2
just_ruth's art (Ghost of Bikini Beach) was claimed by dizzojay
just_ruth's art (Eye-Witnesses See Big Foot) was claimed by vexed_wench
dizzojay's art (Vacations Never Seem to Work Out the Way you Planned...) was claimed by deceptivemirror
mamapranayama's art (Jess Takes Sam to the Circus) was claimed by annie46
mamapranayama's art (What Bobby Does When It's Hot and No One's Around) was claimed by tattooeddevil
twisted_slinky's art (Camp Dean) was claimed by antrazi
twisted_slinky's art (In Which Crowley Slips Kevin a Mickey) was claimed by patriciatepes
kiramaru7's art (Catching Fireflies) was claimed by jennytork
amberdreams's art (Summer of Love) was claimed by gryphon2k
mamapranayama's art (What Trees are Made For) was claimed by amberdreams
just_ruth's art (A Unicorn) was claimed zelda_addict
patriciatepes' art (Mermaid Spotted!) was claimed by twisted_slinky
patriciatepes' art (That Time Cas and Crowley Got High and Watched Fireworks) was claimed by cuddyclothes

Ugly Duckling


Spoilers ... teeny weeny little vague one for 1.9 'Home'

a/n - I was having a little ponder on Missouri Moseley's throwaway comment after watching this episode once (because, well, we all know how Dean really needs yet another dent to his self esteem) ... and this is the result.

The 'goofy-looking kid' reflects on his looks ... and his life.

Rating: K+
Genre: um, hard to say ... sort of schmoopy reflection and Dean love
Word Count: 100


Collapse )