May 2nd, 2013


Welcome to Fan Fic Land

Recipient: lolaann1
Artist: licklesoxy
Title: Welcome to Fan Fic Land
Summary: The Trickster turns out to be alive and well and decides to trap Sam and Dean in FanFicland (using Becky Rosen’s fan fiction to torture our boys!) The Trickster calls it a vacation from angst but for Sam & Dean it isn’t that much fun! Dean gets turned into a cat as well as a few other things, Sam finds he has a bun in the oven, the boys find their long lost sister and general chaos rules. Will the Winchesters escape before they go slightly mad or will they choose to ‘enjoy’ their vacation after all?
Characters/Pairings: Sam & Dean – The Trickster
Rating: PG13 (changed on request of Recipient)
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 8 – some very mild suggested Wincest & MPreg – Crack!
Wordcount: 4,125
A/N: Thank you to my wonderful artist – her art really does reflect this story! I hope that lolaann1 likes it. I took a couple of her prompts and sort of melded them!!

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