November 4th, 2012


Halloween Reverse Mini-Bang: The Halloween Card

Title: The Halloween Card
Author: jennytork and ramblin_rosie
Prompt Artist: quickreaver
Rating: G
Genre: AU (Different Roads), het, humour
Summary: In which John has two highly intelligent, highly affectionate granddaughters on his hands, both of whom--purposely or not--run interference for their mothers' plan to talk Sam and Dean into posing for a certain picture.
Wordcount: 3541
Notes: Different Roads AU, where Sam and Dean grew up emancipated in a small town called Cazadore, Texas. Dean teaches ASL and Sam teaches history at Jefferson High. They married best friends Daphne and Tricia, and each have a little girl. Dean's is Michelle and Sam's Mary.

J2 TV Guide shoot

Prompt Idea

Hey guys! I'm not sure if fic prompts are allowed here so mods, delete if you have to. I just couldn't resist posting this idea.

Has anyone ever see the show Too Cute on Animal Planet? Basically it follows the first few weeks of life for a litter of puppies or kittens. It's really adorable. Ever since the animal theme week here at the comm, I keep picturing Dean watching this show. As we know, he's a sucker for bunnies so why not puppies and kittens? Might be a good way to desensitize him after experiencing hell hounds. My idea? Basically Sam comes back to the motel and finds Dean watching the show with that 'I'm really a five year old inside' expression on his face. Maybe Sam eventually buys Dean a puppy/kitten for his birthday or Christmas.

If anyone wants to take this idea and run with it, I'd be so happy!

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Halloween Fic: Stalked

Title: Stalked
Rating: PG
Author: mandraco
Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. I didn't invent these characters or settings. I just glued them together.
Genre: Gen
Wordcount: 1,242
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam
Spoilers: None. Set somewhere before Season 5, though.

Summary: Written for stolen_childe's prompt.
Sam is gone and Dean is being stalked by a cat.

Author's Note: I'm not last, am I? I took so long between planning and writing that certain elements were lost... i.e. cat!Cas.

( Stalked )


blue steel

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last weekly theme, but it's Sunday once again and that means it is time for a new theme of the week.

This week's theme is CHILDHOOD.

Perhaps Sam and Dean didn't have what any of us would consider a 'normal' childhood, but they still had times when they got to act like any other kid; getting into mischief, dealing with other children at school, playing games, doing stupid stunts, or pulling pranks (okay ... maybe they never really out-grew that one).

And let's not forget that everyone else in the SPN universe had a childhood too. Though it probably wasn't for very long, even Crowley was at one point, a cute and innocent little boy before he turned into a sarcastic, wise-ass demon. And who knows -- maybe angels started out as kids too and a young Cas was a real handful for his brothers.

If you have prompts that cover the tender years of SPN characters, including, but not limited to wee!chester, teen!chester, or even de-aging from grown adults into children, then please post them here in the comments to this entry.
Fic, art, meta, vids, recs, or manips that you wish to share with the comm should be posted in a separate entry so everyone can enjoy them.

As always, the only real rule here is to have fun and keep things on the lighter side of SPN.

To give you a little inspiration, here are few cuter than cute pics of our boys as kids:


Big Pretzel 1

Happy birthday to our November babies!

shadwrayvncuddyclothesimpala1967aislingdoheantadarkskinwalkeryasminke7: irismay42queerly_it_issyfoi8183angeltrapklingoncatverucasalt123acidquillauerlia_jaydentcs1121mandracoanu24witchy99morganazrtriceybabeblackbeltblondi - and maaldas -- all of us here at spn_bigpretzel wish you a day full of fun and PIE, and a successful and happy year ahead!

birthday sunflower2

Weekly theme - childhood. The Winchester Babysitting Service

Okay, so do we think those Winchester boys would make very good babysitters?
Herewith, my opinion ...


Rating: T for general sauciness and mildly naughty language
Genre: Humour
Word count: 300

Those Winchester brothers are babysitting (don't know why, they just are). It's not going well.

A/N: (possibly spoilery - I don't know) This came to me after watching 'Wendigo' earlier in the week, and when stroppy Sam grumbles 'so now we're babysitting?' Images of brothers and bedtime stories flashed before my eyes ...

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Only around half of the participants have checked-in, so I'm throwing up another post.  I'd love for everyone to get art and the clock is ticking.

First and Most Importantly: If you or your family has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, obviously your last priority is this fic exchange. However, if you are able to check-in just to let us know how you or your family are doing, please do.
I'm sure many members of the comm would be here to support you in any way they can.  I will unscreen any such posts unless you request otherwise.

For the rest of you who have not checked in (see list below the cut): Please make a comment to this post telling me which prompt you are writing for and, if possible, give a summary or a blurb from the fic you're writing. This will be used to find an artist to illustrate your story.  Due to confidentiality, the comments will only be visible to the mods. If you don't know what you're writing yet, that's understandable, but be aware that you may not be able to get art if you push it too close to the deadline (Dec 7). Just let me know where you stand, regardless of where you are in the process. We'll play it by ear. If all else fails, I will find a suitable picture of a cat to illustrate your story. 

If you are planning on illustrating your own story, that's cool, but please let me know. 

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