October 24th, 2012

evil sandwich

Food!Week: The Ultimate Season 7 Food Picspam

I'm very much of the opinion that Season 7 had the best food. (I'll take all rebuttals in the form of picspams.)

I think this is every food from the season for my given definition of food (which sometimes includes not-food, leaves out boring food, but somehow includes unnamed food...).

I've assumed that you know which episode I'm talking about because I'm too lazy to name them.

The Ultimate Supernatural Season 7 Food Picspam
Caps lovingly stolen from homeofthenutty. Lazily photoshopped by me.

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A Food-fic link list

I asked yesterday if this was okay to post but haven't gotten a response, so I'm going to assume it's okay and go ahead. Mods, if this isn't okay, please delete it with my apologies.

In lieu of a new story, I offer links to several stories I've posted in the past involving Winchesters and food.

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Again, I hope it's okay to post this. New SPN fic is escaping me right now, but I wanted to contribute something to Food Week anyway. *hides*