August 19th, 2012

Big Pretzel 1

Heads up...

xenia_27, tattooeddevil, nesmith, cordy69, angelus2hot, twisted_slinky and strgazr04 -- I've placed the orders for your copies of Rite of Passage (the new SPN tie-in novel) via Amazon and they'll be shipped out tomorrow.  If you're in the US, you should receive the package around mid-week.  If you're overseas, it'll take a couple of weeks, according to the shipping confirmation.  If they don't arrive, give me a shout!

amberdreams, lolaann1, dizzojay, tifaching, phebemarie, wayward_idjit and deans_fetish, be sure to send me a PM with your snail mail address so I can order your copy.  If you're not interested in receiving one, please let me know, and we'll donate the copy to a fan who could use some smiles.

Happy Sunday, all!