August 13th, 2012


Dean - Pudding!

Sam and Dean's mother's last name was Campbell, right? Sooo, on the maternal side he is Scottish, and Scots wear kilts, and you have probably saw this commercial

and so this gif was born :))

gif by Katsiaryna
Big Pretzel 1

The finish line is in sight!!

Four days (and a couple of hours) to go on the challenge -- and Team Dean has really poured on some steam!  They're way out in front with 156 posts -- a 20-post lead on Team Sam!

SamGirls, it's time for you to grab those pom-poms and cheer your butts off!  With 4 days left, there's still time to turn this completely around.  Toss out some suggestions!  Bunnies!  Art requests!  Picspam ideas!  It's Winchester against Winchester out there!  If you've got ideas, share 'em here in the comments and give the teams some virtual Gatorade to energize them as they head into that final lap!

Dean Twilight
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Team Dean: Gen Video Rec - Carillon

Title: Carillon

Song: Carillon "The Clock Music"
Artist: Ennio Morricone, soundtrack "For a few dollars more"
Warnings: none
Category: gen
Characters: Dean Winchester
Summary: I'm a hunter. No amount of time will engrave me into eternity. So, don't try to stop the Clock.

I've always loved spaghetti westerns and having a great Dean in one is a plus in my book and I hope in yours too.