August 10th, 2012


Fic: "The Professionals"

Title: The Professionals
Summary: Outsider POV. The guys visit a pharmacy after Dean gets injured on a hunt. Of course, their visit is a memorable one. Set in S3.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean (no pairings)
Genre: gen, mostly humor with the exception of a couple of vague references to Dean's impending damnation. I love S3!!  Yes, Dean's damnation is my idea of sunny, big pretzely fun ;)  Help - I needs it.
Wordcount: ~2,700

A/N: I've been wanting to do an outsider POV fic for a while and I've always loved fics where the Winchesters are faced with a regular old human bad guy and where Dean has been severely thrashed. Not sure how this turned out though... concrit is welcome. This is definitely not my usual style.

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Five Weechesters Fic Recs

Title: The World According to Sammy Winchester: Red Is for Love
Author: bungee
Genre: Gen, Fluff, Pre-Series
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: G
Excerpt: Sammy's valentine is made of red construction paper, a lopsided heart obviously traced and trimmed with painstaking care. It's got smaller, pink heart (nice and neat, this time, like the teacher cut it out) glued to the center, and the words "Be My Valentine" written in shaky black crayon letters. There is a drawing underneath the words, and Dean knows from the pictures plastered all over the fridge at home that it's supposed to be him and Sammy.

Title: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
Author: mass_hipgnosis
Genre: Gen, Fluff, Pre-Series
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Dean, John, OFC
Rating: G
Summary: Little Sammy asks embarrassing questions in public. Dean tries to get him to shut up and eat his vegetables.

Title: A Tree for Sammy
Author: jenshih_blue
Genre: Gen, Pre-Series
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, John
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Making his brother happy was the most important thing to Dean. In a world where very few normal things existed for them, a simple request proves to Dean that not only is keeping a promise important, but being a big brother is the most important job he has.

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