July 8th, 2012

Big Pretzel 1

Ready for a summer contest?

Our 6-month anniversary is coming up in a few weeks (August 17) -- so we're going to use that as a finish line for YOU GUYS helping auntmo9 and me keep the comm rockin' and rolling over the summer!  Here's how it goes:

1)  You'll sign up for a team:  Team Dean or Team Sam.
2)  Beginning this Wednesday, July 11, at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) (SPN's new timeslot for S8!), you and your fellow team members will post your brains out!
3)  Each of your contributions should be in a separate post.  They can be any of the following:  your own fic or art; a rec for someone else's fic or art; an episode review; a picspam; meta on some aspect of your "Team Captain" (Dean or Sam); a chain of drabbles; or ... anything else you can come up with!  Let your imagination run wild.  :)
4)  A reminder:  any contribution has to be focused on your Team Captain, and should reflect the spirit of the comm.
5)  Finish line is Friday, August 17, at 11:22 p.m. EDT.  (11:22 p.m. was the time of our first comm post.)

Each post is worth 5 points.  The team that's tallied up the most points at the end of the challenge wins a copy (for each participating member) of the upcoming SPN tie-in novel Rite of Passage by John Passarella, and a donation of $50 in the team's name to the charity of their choice.  (The winning charity will be selected by votes among the team members.)  If you can top 250 points, we'll make it a $100 donation.

Need some bonus points?  You'll score 5 points for each new comm member you recruit -- all they need to do is PM me and say, "So-and-so sent me."

Sound good?  Then go for it!  Sign up, and let the games begin!

Update:  \O/  The responses!!  As of 5:00 pm, we've got 11 members for Team Dean and 6 for Team Sam.  You guys (bless your lil' hearts) are all over this, so I'm going to cap the competition at 15 members for each team.  Sam fans -- it's true Team Sam whipped Team Dean's butts during the drabble challenge even though they had fewer members -- but things are *very* lopsided here!  Are you gonna abandon the title before the game even begins?  Show that Sammy Spirit and sign up!

Update #2:  Monday evening - We're at 12 members for Team Sam and 11 members for Team Dean.  There's room for a few more, so if you've been debating signing up, go for it!