July 7th, 2012


Having a weird moment

Bear with me, I sometimes get these fits of madness:


Singers! Meet the Singers!
They're the ultimate hunter family,
From out in South Dakota they fight the things you shouldn't see!
With Jo and those idjits down the street
With a lost angel stuck in their back seat

When you're with the Singers
It's a watch the tables turn time
A salt and burn time
A bloody grand old time!

Fic: Kansas City Pretty

Title: Kansas City Pretty
Author: dehavilland
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, Gen
Word Count: 1,566
Warnings: None
Summary: 5upernatural's seen a successful three-year run as “America’s Favorite Boy Band.” Gabriel wonders if maybe they should start getting used to the idea of thinking of themselves as second or third.

Sparkly costumes and flashy dance moves might've brought 'em to the top, but from there you can only go down. )