July 1st, 2012

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Keepin' Cool Comment Fic Meme

Let's make it a meme-o-rama, what do you say??

Large parts of the U.S. are suffering record heat this week, accompanied by high humidity, high winds, power outages -- in short, it's a NASTY situation!  Let's give those members who are trying to stay cool a little bit of fic to enjoy, and keep a smile on their faces, shall we?

Here we go:  the Keepin' Cool Comment Fic Meme!

Same rules as always -- one prompt per comment, but comment as many times as you like.  Responses can be posted as a reply to the original comment, or with a link to your journal.  The prompts and the fic should be in keeping with the comm's lighthearted theme -- anywhere from outright LOLz down to something sweet, that brings a smile and an "Awww..."

THINK COOL.  Snow.  Snowball fights.  Sledding.  Chasing a fugly through a blizzard.  Jumping into a nice cool lake for a swim.  The world's biggest Big Gulp (giant mini-mart soft drink).  Weechesters running through the sprinkler.  Motel air conditioners with only one setting: North Pole.

As my brother's answering machine message says, "You know what to do.  So do it!"  And have fun!!