May 28th, 2012

Happy Dean 3 thumbs up

And we have a winner!

Wow ... I went to bed, and you guys went NUTS!  Late night drabble-mania!  But time's up, and the judges (okay, that would be me, since auntmo9 is off-campus doing family stuff) have counted the results.

The winner is ... TEAM SAM, with 40 completed drabbles!

Team Dean put in an admirable showing with 33, but Sam's girls threw on that last burst of steam and drabbled their hearts out!  Congratulations to mamapranayama, mandraco, just_ruth, twisted_slinky, licklesoxy and carole_cc -- you did your boy proud!

Thanks as well to the members of Team Dean, reapertownusa, jennytork, phebemarie, nesmith, tifaching, dizzojay and amberdreams, for participating -- we hope you all had a blast!

Team Dean's drabbles are here and Team Sam's drabbles are here.  Looking for something to read while you're enjoying the tail end of your holiday weekend?  There are some great little ficlets for you all to enjoy.  And don't forget to leave our drabbling champs and the dedicated runners-up some love!
Animated Big Pretzel

The Summer Hellatus Friending Meme

It's that time again. We haven't had a Friending Meme in awhile. And since the summer hellatus is upon us and we have added some new members, we thought it we would be a good time to kick off another friending meme.

title or description

So,copy and paste the questions into the comments section. You can answer as many or as few of them as you like. Feel free to add additional information to your entry as well. And as you get to know one another, feel free to friend away!

As always, have fun!