April 19th, 2012

Brothers smile

It's a day to salute the boys ... together!

We'll be switching over to spotlight SAM tomorrow (so get your Sam-centric goodies together!) ... but today, let's take a look at the brothers TOGETHER.  Feel like drabbling?  Showing us your favorite brotherly-bonding fic?  Got a graphic you're itching to share?  Or, do you just feel like chatting about how awesome the boys are as a team?  Go for it!

To start things off ... this is one of my favorite promo shots.  What's yours?

Brothers smile

SPN FIC - Grounded

(I wrote this little ficlet yesterday -- a moment of panicked!Dean and Bro.  Hope you like it.)

Simple enough: go interview the witness. Gather some intel.
But...you'd think the guy would have the courtesy to have a job that's not thirty stories in the air. On a damn GIRDER.

CHARACTERS:  Dean and Sam
LENGTH:  878 words

Grounded )
Wee Dean

SPN FIC - Wish Book

To salute our boy Dean on his last day in the spotlight (for now):  wee!Dean and Mommy, featuring bump!Sammy. :)

It's one of those days. The washer's on the fritz. The milk's gone sour. And her little boy's found something he needs to show her. Right now. Because it's important.

When she finally lowers her hands, the first thing she sees is her son, hovering nearby, half hidden by John's recliner. He's rubbing his lips with the knuckle of his right thumb. They've taught him not to suck his thumb, told him that big boys don't do that, but he's still tempted, now and then.

CHARACTERS:  Mary, wee!Dean
LENGTH:  998 words

Wish Book )

"I like him. He says 'okie dokie'."

This seems like a light hearted question to ask this group of fine fandom companions!

Sometime I see this line on Supernatural fan made goodies:

"I like him. He says 'okie dokie!'"

Can someone tell me about it? Who said it, in what episode and to who? Its getting to be a crazy question and I'd love an answer!

Sam A Shoe I Needs One

We Are Almost There!

Only two weeks left in the spn_bigpretzel "I Lost My Shoe" Fundraiser.

Our original goal was $250. So far we have raised $200, so we have met 80% of our goal!

$1 equals one pair of shoes for someone in need and currently, we have over 250 people who have joined or are watching this community. If all of us gave just $1, we would exceed our goal. Think of how many shoes that we could provide for people who need them! So far we have provided 200 pairs of shoes for people in need. How many more do you think we can provide as a community?

Remember, if we meet or exceed our goal, the mods will send a note to the production company in Vancouver to let them know about our project.

To donate online, go to our unique Soles4Souls Donation Page. There is also a link on the side bar. There are other ways to give as well. If you go to the original post, you can find out more information.

Thanks again to amberdreams for the banner for this project!

Spotlight Character - Dean's last day *wibbles*

I've been sifting through the thirty five million Dean fics I still haven't got around to posting for Dean's spotlight week (and a bit) and here's a little giggle that I thought you might enjoy :)

Oh, and is he naked or isn't he ... nudity is implied, but not confirmed so let your imagination run riot!

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour 
Word Count: 200

Two big strapping hunters vs one pixie. You wouldn't think too much could go wrong, would you?

Disclaimer: don't own :(

Collapse )

Brotherly fic recs

The following fics never fail to make me smile, and the brotherly banter is perfect for today's brother theme.

Title: The Pen is Mouthier Than the Sword
Author: kellifer_fic
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,255
Spoilers: None
Summary: Dean always has to do things the hard way.

Why I'm recommending it: I don't want to give it away, but let's just say Sam is being annoying...or maybe Dean is cursed.

Title: You Keep me in Stitches
Author: Enkidu07
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,922
Summary: "Take off your pants, Dean," Sam ordered, trying to hold into his temper.
Author's Warning: Terrible pun use.

Why I'm recommending it: The pun use is quite entertaining, actually, and I love the dialogue between the brothers. Oh, boys!

Title: Backseat Drivers
Author: wanttobeatree
Rating: G
Season: weechesters/preseries
Summary: So here's some wee!chesters in a traffic jam.

Why I'm recommending it: It's a wonder John didn't go crazy what with two young boys in the car. And the banter in this fic is so true to the boys' characters and their ages. Little boys can find so much humor in the bodily... well, I'll let you read. ;-)