April 17th, 2012


Spotlight Character ... and now for something completely different ...

Here's a little bit of art I produced around a ficlet I wrote yonks ago.  It's not angsty, but it's not my usual 'daft as a brush' funny either.  I guess the best way to describe it is 'bittersweet'.  (I'm hoping it meets the 'makes you go awwwwww' criteria in your rules!)

Disclaimer: don't own ... wish I did ... getting boring now ...

Rating: K
Genre: General
Word Count: 100

Dean Winchester is a force of nature ...

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Happy Dean 3 thumbs up

We're two months old today!

So let's

Got something you were thinking of sharing?  Now's the time!  The spotlight's on Dean for another few days, so if you've got a favorite pic or gif, if you've got a drabble or longer fic honoring our favorite Big Bro, come on up front and share it with the class!  Sam girls, John girls -- feel like your guy needs equal time?  Show us!  If you've had a good time hanging out at the comm, why not pimp us out on your journal and encourage your flisties to join the fun?  We've got almost three hundred folks at this party, but there's always room for more!

We've sticky-posted the Wish List thread to the top of the page -- if you haven't already checked it out, go on over and take a look. Your fellow members stand ready and waiting to help grant your wishes!  Don't be shy -- shout out, and see what appears!  You'll also find links to our other ongoing friendship-and-help posts, over at the right hand side of the page.

And, a note to you guys from me and auntmo9 -- we are absolutely blown away by your enthusiasm and sense of fun.  You've made maintaining this comm a real joy for both of us, so here's to many more months of pie and big pretzels to come!

A Dean-centric AND a Sam-centric Video to Help You Avoid Working

Here's a Dean-centered one that I don't think has been shared here before, but if so, it's worth another look. Found it on YouTube.

Dude, where is the pie?!

Here's one for you Sam-girls too. Robo-Sam funnies. Also on YouTube.  Mods:  How 'bout a Robo!Sammy tag.  Maybe I'm sick, but he was often hilarious.

Robo-Sammy -- Souless Humor
Brothers bzuh?

The CW called...

And they're gonna let US cast Season 8!

Yeah, right.  Like that's gonna happen.  But since everybody loves a poll, and there's nothing like daydreaming to help the day go by, zip on down underneath the cut and help us pick the BigPretzel Dream Team for 2012-2013!

ETA: Don't miss your chance to weigh in! So far we've got a (fan-voted) S8 with feature roles for Bobby, Gabriel, Ellen, Sheriff Mills, Crowley, and Death...hmmm! Sounds intriguing...

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NCIS: Tony special agent

Character Spotlight: Dean wallpaper & banner

Ever since the character spotlight for Dean`s been announced I wanted to get something done (at the end, he is my favorite character, so it was a must be done ;D)

Today, after some plotting, and giggling, and laughing, with my daughter over a certain picture of Dean in "Changing Channels", in combination with this scene from "Changing Channels"


I (or, we) came up with this:

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