April 14th, 2012



Are we still honoring Dean and his faaaace? Well, anyway, I figured this piece of de-aged!Dean-ness was actually pretty bigpretzely.

Title: Pattycakes
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1400
Disclaimer: Not my boys. Kripke broke them long before I ever got to them. 
Summary: De-aged!Dean, birthdays, timeouts and Sammy (who's way too big to be a little brother, anyway)

Bobby's real mad about the kitchen.

Big Pretzel 1

Dudes! Have an icon challenge!

The comm is in need of a batch of icons for everyone to share!

When auntmo9 and I started up the comm, I grabbed 15 icons out of my folder and uploaded them to the comm profile, just so there'd be something there.  But we're almost 2 months old now, and it's time to put together a really awesome batch that everyone can grab from and enjoy.  So ... show us what you got!  Comment to this post with the icon you think best illustrates the comm's themes, and we'll let your fellow members pick their favorites.  (Note: not something that says "BigPretzel" on it, just something that's lighthearted, funny, schmoopy, whatever -- for general use by everyone.)  This can be your own creation, or one you've snagged from someone else, as long as you're sure it's fully shareable -- and please include the artist's name, so we can give them credit.

We're only allowed 15, since this isn't a paid comm, so let's say one winner to a customer.  Ready?  Go!

ETA:  thanks to my awesome co-mod auntmo9, we're now a paid comm -- and we have space for 35 icons!  Go for it, guys -- let's fill those 35 slots with some Happy!

freaks need love, comfort

Star Catcher (9/16)

Title: Star Catcher
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam
Genre: Friendship
Summary: A time-traveling mishap will make two children and a fledgling realize that the unexpected can sometimes be a good thing.

Previous chapters...

"I don't know how things work in your family, but for us, we look after the people we care about, so don't say you don't deserve anything good."