April 13th, 2012


Fic: What passion hangs these weights upon my tongue?

Title: What passion hangs these weights upon my tongue?
Author: whit_merule
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Gabriel (or Dean/Castiel or gen - take your pick!), with occasional long-suffering Sam
Rating: G
Warnings: Shakespeare might be turning in his grave, but he does have a rather broad sense of humour. I'm not so sure about W. S. Gilbert.
Genre: Crack. Total, total crack. With crackiness.
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 800
Summary: Wherein Gabriel decides that Dean's vocabulary needs expanding, and also that he has something he needs to confess to Castiel, and makes him only able to speak in certain quotes. In other words, Gabriel still hasn't learned his lesson about dealing with Winchesters.
“Gabriel.” Castiel looked mildly concerned. “Please stop... messing... with Dean.”
“Hey, I let him switch to Shakespeare instead of opera so he can swear at me. That’s generous, right?”
“Thou liest, abhorred tyrant.”

Link: Up on AO3, on LJ, and on DW.
Big Pretzel 1

When you wish upon a ... Big Pretzel?

Here's a bit of a variation on a friending meme, one we've seen circulating around fandom with great success, that we think you guys can have some fun with!

Got a wish you'd like to have granted, that your fellow members can help you out with?  Maybe an icon or two featuring your username?  A drabble?  A gif of a special moment on the show?  A v-gift to brighten up your Profile page?  Someone to chat with during times when it feels like nobody's listening?

You can get a bit more grand if you like -- if your budget is tight and you're wishing for a little more paid time on your LJ, or maybe some credit on iTunes.  (We'd suggest that you not wish for a 46" flat-screen, because the wish fairies seldom carry around giant sacks of money.)  Put your thinking caps on, grab a 4-leaf clover, and post!

Have at it, guys -- and have fun!  You never know what you might end up with!

Character Spotlight - April Fic. Totally Unseasonal Season's Greetings

Okay, this is hopelessly unseasonal, but it sort of fits in with Dean's moment in the spotlight and my own personal naked Dean perv-fest.


Disclaimer: don't own them, I'd have a very merry Christmas if I did!

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count 200

I've gone all meta on you! The boys address their fans, but one of them is finding it a bit difficult to enter into the festive spirit.

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DRABBLE: Moar Pie!

In case no-one reads the comment fic meme thread anymore, here's my offering in a seperate post :P It also fits in the Dean-focused theme week (fortnight?). I should be working and / or finishing other fic (*cough* exchange fic *cough*), but this sprung to mind and I had to get it out.

Title: Moar Pie!
Rating: G
Fandom / Genre: Supernatural / Humor
Word count: 242
Spoilers: Bad Day At Black Rock (S03EP03)

There's no such thing as enough pie, Sammy. Gimme!
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Hellatus? We ain't scared of no damn Hellatus!

It's true - it's almost *that* time again. The dreaded Summer Hellatus.

But we're determined not to let that get us down - in spite of the fact that the fandom traditionally goes into semi-hibernation mode during the summer. With the help of you guys, we plan to keep the comm going full speed ahead during that long, looooooong summer break - and you can jump-start that process by letting us know what you'd most enjoy seeing. So here you go ... ticky away! (And of course, other suggestions are welcome in the comments. Don't be shy! As Dr. Phil likes to say, "If you don't ask for what you want, you probably won't get it.")

Poll #1833475 Duck and cover! The Hellatus is coming!

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Rats: Sam/Dean Mini Fic. (AU, Crack, Gen)

I originally posted this to my journal in February but it was just a bit of total silliness and I didn't cross-post 'cos where are you going to put that sort of daftness? Right? .. and then today I had this lightbulb moment (I'm not very quick on the uptake). I'm sharing and updating it for Dean week because in my head it was ABSOLUTELY Dean who got them into this mess. 

Title: Rats
 Gen. The boys have a small problem.
Warnings: None.

Wordcount: Drabble
Disclaimer: This Sam and Dean are real. They are not mine, not because I didn't want them, but rather because my cat wanted them too much. My head cannon regarding their predicament may or may not be truthful, unfortunately Sam and Dean can't squeak speak right now.


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