March 6th, 2012


Fic Rec: And So This is Christmas

Title: And So This Is Christmas
Author: paperbkryter
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, and some cameos by the baby Jesus ;-)
Genre: Gen - Humor, family, schmoop.
Rating: K+
Word Count: 11,559

Summary: Wee!Winchester fic. Sam is supposed to be in the Christmas program at school but his father has other ideas. Meanwhile Dean keeps Christmas in his own special way.

Yes, it is a Christmas fic, but it and the next one are the only other two I keep and re-read regularly that belong in big pretzel. I'm an angst gal by heart, with just a bit of humor and schmoop to lighten things up from time to time.

I love this fic from the amazing, appearing/disappearing baby Jesus to Dean's reaction to the Christmas season to Sam's childhood angst about being in the play and his in-character, age-appropriate reactions to hunter yet ultimately daddy John being the good man we know him to be.

Awwwwww, I love this fic!
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LOLz by eyestoowide
Cheese Out of a Spray Can by casett

S A M M Y by tifaching
The (J2) French Mistake by amberdreams

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LOLz by eyestoowide
Cheese Out of a Spray Can by casett

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S A M M Y by tifaching
The (J2) French Mistake by amber1960

Fic Rec: Sapphires in his Eyes

Title: Sapphires in his Eyes
Author: quellefromage
Characters: Sam, Dean, and John.
Genre: Gen - Humor, family, and a touch of crack.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: This is a continuation of the 3.08 flashback, so some spoilers for that ep.

Summary: Wee!Winchester fic. Tag to 3.08. What happens after John returns, after Christmas.

By the power of Sapphire Barbie, I command you to read this fic!

The boys are definitely in character yet still boys in this fic. I love the back and forth between them and the utter crack that is Sam's love for his Christmas presents and John's reaction to all the chaos is just... I like that he can be a really good dad sometimes. All that, and there's a touch of schmoop at the end.