March 1st, 2012


Happy Birthday Jensen

We are here to celebrate the sunny side of Supernatural, and how much sunnier does it get than celebrating the birthday of one of it's two gorgeous stars?

Would we all adore Dean so much if it wasn't for Jensen bringing him to life so magically?

So, to show my appreciation, here's a little collage I threw together to mark Jensen's special day - I hope the sun shines for you Jensen :)

Patronus is a 67 Chevy Impala

Rec: Here Comes the Sun Video

While "researching" another project, I came across this video. It is billed as "I'm on a road trip with my brother", and you can't have a road trip without a car, and this video shows that-about 95% of has great scenes of Baby!

ETA: Apparently, this one was made by one of our own, el1ie and I didn't even know it until she said something! So way to go el1ie!

Big Pretzel 1

Welcome to the Spring 2012 Fic Exchange!

It's a brand-new month, and what better way to get it going than with our very first fic exchange!

So that we can keep the time frame relatively short, let's aim for shorter fic this time -- a minimum of 1,000 words, maximum of 5,000 words (unless your muse really goes wild and you're sure you can finish within the allotted time).  The finish line/posting date will be Sam's birthday, May 2.

We'd like everyone to end up working with a prompt they really like, so rather than the mods matching everyone up, we're going to let the participants pop back in and claim a fellow writer as their "exchange buddy."  Then, midway through the process, we'll ask each writer to post a short blurb about their story so that the artists who'd like to participate can stake a claim.  (Since these will be short fics, we'll ask the artist to contribute a small banner or a single illo, perhaps an icon -- unless, again, their muses go wild!)  From that point, writer and artist can work together to produce a finished little gem to share with the comm.

Added to clarify:  When you come back to claim a "buddy," you'll be claiming the person, along with all of their prompts.  That person -- along with all of their prompts -- then gets crossed off the "available" list.

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Time to vote for your favorite vid!

Voting should be simple this month - just two entries for you to re-watch and enjoy!

agirlnamedtruth has shared "Could You Be the Devil" and el1ie has shared "My Brother."  Give 'em a look and vote for your favorite, and the winner will receive a gift package of LJ tokens and a gorgeous banner for display on their Profile page!  Voting closes at midnight EST on Sunday, March 4.

Poll #1823262 Favorite vid for February
This poll is closed.

My favorite vid is...

"Could You Be the Devil" by agirlnamedtruth
"My Brother" by el1ie

Are you a Supernatural vidder? Got something lighthearted to share with the comm? You could be next month's winner!
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Time to vote for your favorite fanart!

We've had some gorgeous art submitted this past month - a difficult choice for you voters! Take another look, cast your vote, and the winner will receive a prize package of LJ tokens and a beautiful banner for their Profile page. Voting closes at midnight EST on Sunday, March 4.

Community banner by amberdreams
12 Months of Winchesters and I Am Aquarius by adinarj
Prank Wars, Smiling Sam and WTF Dean community banners by likiel
Hey, girl by i_speak_tongue
Jared the short one by nesmith
Cowboy Dean by bt_kady
Fangirl wars by bt_kady
Cowboy Sam and Dean wallpapers 1 and 2 by bt_kady

Poll #1823268 Favorite art for February
This poll is closed.

My favorite fanart is...

Community banner by amber1960
"12 Months of Winchesters" by adinarj
"I Am Aquarius" by adinarj
Prank Wars banner by likiel
Smiling Sam banner by likiel
WTF Dean by likiel
"Hey girl" by i_speak_tongue
"Jared the short one" by nesmith
"Cowboy Dean" by bt_kady
Fangirl competition by bt_kady
Cowboys wallpaper 1 by bt_kady
Cowboys wallpaper 2 by bt_kady

We'll be running the art contest every month, so if you've got something to share with the comm, you could be the next winner!